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Tips for the Father of the Bride: Toasts and Speeches

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In the first post in the our ultimate guide for the father of the bride, we talked about budgeting money, dealing with emotions, and more. Click here to read part one. In our last post, we gave tips on all the responsibilities the father of the bride faces. From finances to playing host, we cover it all in part two.

Over the course of the next two posts, we’ll be giving our thoughts on how to write awesome speeches and toasts for the wedding reception. If you’re searching for the most affordable spring wedding catering companies Raleigh NC has to offer in 2017, call Catering by Design. We offer big savings, awesome customer service, great tasting food, and free menu tastings for brides and grooms.

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Toast and Speech Tips for the Father of the Bride

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Do not procrastinate when it comes to writing your speech and planning out your toast. You might think that you can just wing it, but that’s actually a really bad idea, especially if you’re going to have a few cocktails. Not preparing beforehand will only leave you stumbling over your words, trying to figure out what to say in front of dozens of friends and family members. This could lead to an embarrassing situation that’s totally avoidable.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember the five P’s: Perfect practice prevents poor performance! You will want to make time to practice your speech and toast a few times. This will allow you to refine what you’re going to say by making everything shorter and more to the point as well as work on the flow of the speech. Spending a little time practicing will help you nail it when the time comes.

Short and Sweet

You’ve been waiting for this big day for many years, and you probably have a lot of great things to say, but you’ve got to keep your speech and toast short and sweet. Give your daughter a card with a heartfelt message inside after the ceremony is over instead. This will allow you to say all that you want to, and she’ll appreciate the gesture.

Eye Contact

If you can, memorize your speech. This will help you keep eye contact with the guests instead of looking down reading off a note card. This is one of the main reasons not procrastinating and practicing is such a good idea.

Don’t miss our next post for even more tips on how to write a great wedding reception speech or toast for your daughter’s wedding. We’ll be talking about all the things you should include in your speech. If you’re still searching for a 2017 wedding caterer, keep reading to see why calling Catering by Design should be at the top of your to-do list.

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