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Benefits of Catering Delivery

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Benefits of Catering Delivery

Food is an integral part of any social event, and it can even change the mood of everyone in your next corporate meeting. When you are in charge of planning an event or juggling multiple work responsibilities, you need food options that are quick, easy and tasty. Catering delivery is the perfect solution for your busy schedule and your guests’ enjoyment.

6 Reasons to Use Catering Delivery Services

A food delivery service can have a significant impact on your event or in your corporate offices, from saving time to creating a positive impact on your guests or employees.

1. Provides Convenience 

Catering delivery is only a phone call or button click away, making it an easy way to arrange and serve food at your event. You can focus your time on other event details instead of planning and cooking all the food you’d need.

Delivered food makes it possible for you and your guests to eat anywhere. The flexibility can open up all kinds of options. Catering By Design offers convenient box lunches for corporate catering for those who need fuel for their back-to-back meetings.

2. Saves Time

Food catering delivery brings the meal right to you, wherever you are, meaning you can spend more time accomplishing tasks or socializing with others at your event. It frees up your time from needing to drive somewhere, wait in line or prepare the food yourself. You can save hours when you arrange for a catering company to take care of the planning and cooking. 

3. Adds Variety

Catering delivery provides easy access to all kinds of foods and flavors, allowing you to try something new or enjoy something you love. Catering By Design offers a range of cuisines and meal options to suit your guests’ preferences. 

Food delivery service also makes it easy to get healthy and quality food. Whatever your cooking skills, delivery can be a refreshing break from your usual meals. 

4. Cleans up Easily

Most delivery services will serve the food in disposable containers, meaning you can easily throw them away when you are done. You can spend time socializing or working instead of cleaning up dishes or a dirty kitchen. 

5. Saves Money

Delivery services can save you money on food and travel expenses. With delivery, you only get the food you need, decreasing waste. You can also spend your time productively instead of taking work breaks to grab something to eat.

6. Feeds Everyone

Delivery services make it easier to keep everyone fed and satisfied. Our team at Catering By Design can help you decide how much food you will need for the number of guests at your event. 

Enjoy Catering Food Delivery With Catering By Design

Catering By Design has been in business since 2000, and that experience means we are fully capable of caring for all your catering needs. Whether you need delivery for a social event or a corporate meeting, our made-to-order food is sure to please your guests or employees. To enjoy convenient, quality catering delivery, contact us online today.

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Complimentary Wedding Food Tastings

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Complimentary Wedding Food Tastings

Your wedding should be everything you dreamed of and more — down to the last piece of bread on a guest’s plate. Take control of your wedding details with Catering By Design’s complimentary wedding food tastings to ensure you get the flaky rolls you love. Our private tastings are available for weddings with 50 or more guests.

How Do Wedding Tastings Work?

We recognize that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and for some couples, food is at the top of the priority list. You can customize plenty of details, from the serving style — buffet or plated — to the meal itself. To help you get it right, we offer various services to personalize your menu choices and give you peace of mind on your special day.

One-On-One Meetings

We have the honor of hosting individualized meetings with you and your fiance weeks to months before the wedding. At the initial meeting, we will review your wedding menu, including hors d’oeuvres, entrees, sides and desserts. The next meeting allows you to taste each item and give us feedback based on your and your significant other’s wishes. Both sessions are done in advance, giving us time to make any requested adjustments or changes to the final menu.

We also use these meetings to build a more informed relationship with you and your significant other. By doing so, we can learn more about your likes or dislikes and adjust the menu accordingly. Like your wedding day, your wedding food tasting is all about you, after all.


Speaking of likes or dislikes, we use wedding catering tastings to review these and ask about any guests that might have dietary restrictions. We’ll note whether particular dishes or favorite restaurants are important to you as a couple and if we should incorporate them into our proposed menu. 

At Catering By Design, we can work with you to match the style of your wedding, considering the casual, elegant or traditional atmosphere. We have curated wedding catering menus for any occasion but are open to suggestions or changes.


Our private wedding food tastings are included in your overall reception catering price. Catering By Design values affordability as we work with you to create a unique menu that stays true to your budget. 

Taste and See With Catering By Design

Your wedding meal can be one of the most memorable details of your day. Let us handle the details. Our reliable services take some responsibility off your plate and replace them with a delicious, custom meal. Contact us online today or call 919-481-2366 to find out what we can do for you.

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Why Hire a Full-Service Catering Company?

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If you’re planning a wedding, business event or party, you may find arranging food overwhelming. With extensive menu planning, table presentation, cleanup and other things to consider, it’s challenging to pull everything off on your own.

To plan a successful event and ensure everything runs smoothly, you’ll need some help along the way — that’s why hiring a full-service catering company is a must. Read on to learn more about full-service catering and why you should consider it for your next event.

What Is a Full-Service Catering Company?

While a traditional caterer typically handles table setup and food display only, a full-service catering company provides an array of services throughout the event process. You’ll have a kitchen staff, servers, bartenders and front of house. They perform tasks like setting up tables, distributing food, bussing away plates and glasses and cleaning up after the event.

In addition to helping with the event itself, a full-service caterer will often assist the planning process. They’ll work with you to plan the ideal menu for your event and may even assist with non-food-related tasks like selecting a venue. A full-service catering company saves you a considerable amount of time, stress and energy.

Who Uses Full-Service Catering?

While you can find catered food at a wide variety of parties, sports games and events, three common types of catering are corporate, wedding and social event catering.

1. Corporate Events

Corporate catering is the service of providing food for a business’s employees, whether it’s for a private office meeting, regional event or employee training. Depending on the company’s needs and requests, these corporate catering services can be regular or for a one-time event.

Some common types of catering for business events are continental breakfasts, boxed lunches and dinner buffets. Full-service catering is a great way to treat your employees and reward them for their hard work.

2. Social and Special Events

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with food, making full-service catering an ideal option for your event. Social or special event catering providing food for a special event such as:

  • A birthday party
  • A graduation party
  • holiday event
  • A retirement party
  • An awards banquet
  • A family reunion

No matter the holiday, life milestone or occasion, a full-service event caterer can provide stellar food and beverages for all to enjoy.

3. Weddings

Seeing as the food menu is a significant part of your wedding day, full-service wedding catering is a must to ensure everything runs smoothly. From accommodating guests with dietary needs to tying your menu into the wedding theme, there are many important factors to consider. Thankfully, a professional catering company can help take these responsibilities off your hands.

As you and your partner plan the many other details of your wedding, consider hiring a full catering service to handle your menu. A wedding caterer will provide quality food and bartending services and create a beautiful presentation that makes your day extra special.

5 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Catering Company

Why is catering important for an event? We’ll give you five great reasons!

1. Reduced Stress

When planning a large celebration or gathering like a family reunion, wedding reception or work party, attempting to handle the menu singlehandedly can be a struggle. With many responsibilities to consider — like food and drink planning, shopping for ingredients, handling table presentation and cleaning up afterward — hiring a full-service caterer makes sense.

2. Incredible Food

A full-service catering company will enhance your event with amazing appetizers, entrees, beverages and desserts. With their extensive culinary knowledge and strong attention to detail, you’ll have a quality menu that sets the bar high for your event. Treat your guests to quality food and an unforgettable dining experience when hiring a professional caterer.

3. Beautiful Presentation

Making the food look as good as it tastes is another catering service specialty. Keeping the desired theme and style of your event in mind, a full-service caterer can create a picture-perfect table presentation to exceed your expectations. From elegant table settings to gorgeous centerpieces, they’ll go the extra mile to make your food look irresistible.

4. Professional Service

Besides a quality menu and presentation, professional service is crucial for leaving a strong impression on your guests. A professional catering staff will provide top-notch service and assist guests throughout the event. Whether it’s refilling glasses, answering questions about the menu or providing full cleanup after the event, a caterer will demonstrate incredible service and respect toward you and your guests.

5. Flexibility

A professional caterer understands that every event has unique needs and specifications, and they’ll make every effort to accommodate them. While most caterers offer standard menu options to choose from, there’s usually some level of flexibility if you have any special requests.

Maybe you’d like to customize or swap out a specific menu item or provide options for those with dietary needs and restrictions. A good caterer will happily work with you to fulfill these needs however they can. When you meet with your caterer, discuss these requests with them to see if and how they can make these accommodations.

Professional Catering Services in North Carolina

If you’re looking for a professional caterer that embodies the above qualities and more, Catering by Design is your go-to. We provide quality full-service catering throughout North Carolina’s Research Triangle. For over 20 years, we’ve serviced companies, event planners and families in the following areas and more:

  • Raleigh
  • Apex
  • Cary
  • Chapel Hill
  • Clayton
  • Durham
  • Garner
  • Holly Springs
  • Knightdale
  • Wake Forest

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding or another special occasion in one of these areas, it’s our pleasure to be part of it. Elevate your next event with our full-service catering — we can provide plated table service or a buffet for any occasion.

Our skilled culinary team uses the freshest quality ingredients to create a delicious menu that will both wow your guests and complement your event. From private tasting sessions to event cleanup, we’ll take care of every tedious step so you don’t have to.

Our services extend beyond food as well. We can refer you to the top Research Triangle vendors including florists, photographers, event planners and venues. We’ll offer a helping hand in any way we can to make your event a memorable success.

Contact Us for Your Next Event!

Catering by Design is the number one source for all of your catering needs in the Research Triangle. With the best menus, service and presentation, we’ll make feeding guests at your next event a breeze. Whether it’s a university dinner, wedding reception, corporate luncheon or another social gathering, Catering by Design will ensure your food is top-shelf quality.

We’ve been serving up smiles to people all over North Carolina for decades. Contact us today to learn more about our catering services or book us for your next event!

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Catering for Funerals and Memorial Services

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When planning a funeral or memorial service, Catering By Design can handle meals and refreshments. We give you everything you need to serve guests, friends and family members. We make it easy to provide delicious meals within your budget and time preferences. 

Our Memorial and Funeral Catering Services

We make catering a seamless experience so you can focus on your event. We can also help you plan your memorial service with the most affordable options. Whether you want a full-service menu or a simple hors d’oeuvre plate for your guests, we can help. 


We create elevated menus that pair delicious entrees and sides. If you want to focus on planning your memorial services, we have premade menu options, such as: 

Unlike other caterers, we don’t limit you to our menu selections. If you prefer to create your menu, we can walk you through our appetizer, side and entree options.


We have  several catering service options you can choose from depending on your needs: 

  • Pick-up: You can head to our main location in Cary, North Carolina, to pick up your catering supplies whenever you need them. 
  • Delivery: We will deliver your food and materials right to your door. We ensure you have enough time to set up and prepare for guests. 
  • Buffet: If you want a buffet-style dining experience, we have plenty of options. We will set up the supplies beforehand and return for cleanup once everyone has finished. 
  • Full-service: If you want an elevated experience, we offer full table service as one catering option. We will serve your guests their plates and help create a beautiful memorial event. 

Why Choose Us?

For over 20 years, Catering By Design has served numerous gatherings, from weddings and memorial services to office meetings. With our catering services, you can focus on your event and know we have the food handled. Plus, we can help the day of by setting up tables, organizing buffet lines and whatever you need to have a smooth experience. 

Catering By Design proudly serves families, businesses and more throughout North Carolina. We create custom menus so you can accommodate preferences, allergies and dietary restrictions. Our chefs use only fine ingredients so you can enjoy a delicious meal and impress your guests. We even offer bar service for adult gatherings and venues.

Contact Catering By Design for Funeral Reception Catering

We can help you prepare for a memorial service with simple, prepared catering services. We will serve your guests delicious meals and help you spend time together. Contact us today to start planning your menu! 

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Baby Shower Catering

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Baby Shower Catering

Celebrating a new addition to the family is a special time. With catering, hungry guests can enjoy delicious food at your baby shower or gender reveal party with catering. Catering by Design is here to help you create a custom menu and catering experience on your budget.

Planning a Baby Shower Catering Menu

When planning baby shower catering, ask yourself the following:

  • How many guests are coming? 
  • What is your budget?
  • Is the baby shower indoors or outdoors?
  • What is the party theme?
  • What food do your guests prefer?
  • What time of day is the event?
  • Is the baby shower formal or relaxed?
  • Does anyone on your guest list have dietary restrictions or allergies? 

Catering by Design offers many baby shower food ideas on a budget. Choose a custom a menu or one of our popular preset menus, including: 

Catering Services and Procedures

Catering by Design offers multiple catering options to help you host a fun and affordable event. Choose from our following services and find a plan to match your needs:

  • Pickup and delivery: Catering by Design includes disposable plates, napkins and flatware with your pickup or delivery catering, so you don’t have to supply these yourself. We can drop off the food for you to serve, or you can pick up your order as soon as it’s ready. 
  • Buffet: Catering by Design also offers a limited-service buffet, which is a sure crowd-pleaser. Our team sets up your buffet before your guests arrive. After the baby shower, we clean and pick up the chafing dishes and utensils. During your event, your guests can serve themselves. 
  • Full-service dining: If you have a larger budget, Catering by Design offers traditional table service, and we can even include a carving station with a chef. You can also choose from a mix of traditional table service and buffet. 

Find Nearby Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Catering

Catering by Design caters special events, gender reveal parties and baby showers in Cary, Chapel Hill and everywhere in Research Triangle. Our professional team can help with catering, event planning and more, allowing you to enjoy your event as much as possible. 

We’re a local caterer with a professional team, delicious menus and attentive service that delivers the catering experience your baby shower demands. We offer plenty of customization options, so whether you want tea sandwiches or a specific food, talk to us today about your vision. 

To get started, contact Catering by Design by filling out our form or call us at 919-481-236. We can’t wait to serve your guests.

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Everything You Need to Know About Catering

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Are you thinking of hiring a professional caterer for your next event? When determining how to find a caterer, you should consider a few important factors, such as the type of service required for your event and things to look for in a catering company. Keep reading for plenty of useful information so you can hire the best caterer for your event.

What Is Catering?

A catering service makes and provides food and drinks for gatherings such as parties, weddings and business events. The business will prepare a selection of refreshments — whether it’s hors d’oeuvres or a three-course meal — for the party’s guests. This menu is pre-approved by the person hiring the catering business.

What Services Do Caterers Provide?

A professional caterer can tailor your event’s menu to meet your exact specifications while fulfilling any special food requests. Some catering companies will simply prepare the food and drop it off at a designated location. A full-service catering business often includes additional services such as setting up and tending to the buffet, refilling beverages and cleaning up afterward.

4 Types of Catering to Consider

Below are the four common types of event catering to help you decide which one suits your gathering the best:

1. Corporate Catering

If you work in administration, you may have been tasked with ordering food for your office at some point. The service of providing food for a company’s employees is referred to as corporate catering.

This kind of catering extends to a range of small and large gatherings — private office meetings, employee trainings, regional events and more. Popular choices for business events are boxed lunches, dinner buffets and continental breakfasts.

Per the company’s request, a catering business can provide corporate catering services on a regular basis or for one-time events.

2. Wedding Catering

There’s no denying that food and drinks are a major part of a wedding, making wedding catering a critical service to consider. It’s important to plan a menu that ties in with your wedding theme and the season while accommodating any special dietary needs of your guests.

Hiring a wedding caterer takes a considerable amount of stress off any couple as they plan out the other details of their wedding and it allows for amazing food and beverage options to make their special day even more memorable.

3. Social Event Catering

Life is full of exciting achievements and milestones that call for celebration — what better way to commemorate a special moment than with food? A social event caterer provides food and drinks for birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, retirement parties and other social events. Whether it’s a summertime barbecue or a Christmas party, a skilled catering company can fulfill the needs of any seasonal celebration.

4. Concession Catering

When you attend a large public event such as a sports game or concert, you’ll more than likely find catered food such as hotdogs, burgers, nachos, fries and soft drinks. That kind of catering is known as concession catering. Because a concession caterer will be tasked with whipping up large amounts of food to accommodate big crowds, it’s crucial to hire a pro.

What Should You Look for in a Catering Company?

Below are some important points to consider before selecting and hiring a catering company for your next event:

1. Flexibility

Though most caterers will have standard menu items to choose from, they’ll often allow some level of flexibility to accommodate special requests for your event. If you wish to substitute or customize a specific item in some way, or you need to provide options for guests with special dietary needs, speak with the caterer to see whether they can make the necessary menu accommodations.

2. Communication

A reliable caterer will regularly communicate with their clients throughout the entire process to ensure both parties are on the same page. Ideally, they’ll schedule meetings with you leading up to the event, discuss what’s expected of you on your end and allow you to sample menu items. The caterer will also answer any questions you may have regarding the process and clear up any points of confusion. Like any other type of business, strong communication skills are essential for caterers.

3. Reviews and References

Generally speaking, positive reviews and feedback from references indicate that the caterer is trustworthy and can perform the job well.

Before choosing a catering service, read online reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Then, when you contact the caterer, consider asking for some references so you can speak directly with someone who has worked with them in the past. This can give you a better idea of their experience, professionalism and ability to work with others.

Additionally, you can ask the caterer questions regarding their certifications. Of course, food safety is extremely important to consider, so knowing that your caterer is fully competent in that regard may help you feel more comfortable about hiring them.

Why Should You Hire a Catering Company?

Next are some reasons to consider hiring a catering company for your corporate event, wedding, public or social event:

1. High-Quality Foods and Beverages

One of the most clear-cut reasons to hire a professional caterer is that they can provide high-quality food and beverages for your event. With careful attention to detail and an impeccable level of skill devoted to every dish, a catering service can provide amazing food and drinks guaranteed to wow your guests. Treat your guests to a wonderful dining experience to take your event to another level.

2. Great Presentation

In addition to how the food tastes, presentation is an equally important factor to consider. Fortunately, a caterer will ensure each dish tastes as good as it looks. The catering service will accommodate the theme and nature of your event by providing a beautiful and picturesque plate and table presentation.

3. Reduces Stress

With extensive menu planning, ingredient shopping, setup and cleanup, providing your own food for an event can be a headache — especially when you already have so many other aspects to plan. By letting someone else handle that responsibility, you can focus on other details of the event and save yourself considerable amounts of time, stress and energy.

Contact Catering By Design for Your Next Event

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced caterer to handle your next event, Catering By Design is your professional solution. Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting, wedding or social event, we provide reasonably-priced full catering services with exceptional service and quality food.

We’re devoted to meeting the needs of every client with individualized attention. To learn more about what Catering By Design can do for your next event, contact us today!

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Planning a North Carolina Wedding During a Pandemic

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The wedding industry in North Carolina is a billion-dollar one. Thanks to COVID-19, it has been flipped upside down. The pandemic has left brides, grooms, their families and friends, vendors of all sorts, and venues all guessing and wondering “what happens next?” Many soon-to-be newlyweds have been left with just three choices – cancel, reschedule, or get married. So how are you supposed to move forward? We’re planning a large series that we hope will help you make all the right decisions that will be safe and fun for your big day whether it’s later in 2020 or in 2021! Need a reliable Raleigh wedding catering service? Look no further than Catering by Design. We’re following all the safety guidelines and look forward to serving your family and friends.

Raleigh wedding catering

Current Status

For North Carolinians, we have yet to move into Phase 3. Phase 2 will stay in effect until at least September 11th. Under Phase 2, there is no limit on gathering size for weddings. However, the max gathering cap does apply to pre-wedding activities and receptions. So receptions are still going to have to remain adequately sized.

August and September Weddings

You’ve probably already made your decisions on whether to move forward or to reschedule the wedding. If you live in a highly-populated area or outbreak spot, please consider postponing for the safety of yourselves, guests, and vendors.

If you’re moving forward then consider holding everything outdoors. You’ll also need to maintain social distancing, handwashing, disinfecting, and wearing face masks when possible. Please consider reducing guest lists to only close family and loved ones. You can also pivot to a microwedding and reschedule your reception later.

Fall Weddings

You only have a few weeks to make up your mind if you have not already done so. With lots of unknowns still up in the air regarding Phase 3 or NC’s reopening, you will have to do what is right for you. If you’re planning on rescheduling then you need to act fast to reserve your backup dates. Make sure contracts have some kind of COVID disclaimer to move deposits to new dates with a possibility of a third move. If you are postponing be sure to get your change-the-dates out quickly.

Since North Carolina has a fairly mild fall season, converting to outdoor events will be a great option if you’re moving forward with your ceremony instead of postponing. If your indoor venue can erect an outdoor tent, that’s a great option as well. The goal is to keep as many people outside as possible to slow any germs from spreading. You will still need to social distance yourselves, wear protective masks when you can, disinfect frequently, and provide handwashing stations.

Regardless of which direction you choose, please be aware that the pandemic situation is evolving and could change drastically in the weeks or months ahead. Try to make sure all of the vendors you are working with are flexible with rescheduling or postponing with COVID-specific language in the contracts.

Winter Weddings

Most experts are agreeing that postponing winter weddings or moving locations to warmer climates, where activities can be held outdoors, are the best choices for vigilant couples. Even though we do have what is considered to be mild winters in North Carolina, holding an outdoor ceremony can be really tricky getting the weather to cooperate. Even if you were to move your ceremony further south, most of the wedding destinations are now close to COVID hotspots. However, things could change for the better, or worse, in the coming months.

If you must move forward with your nuptials, try working with your venue to see if an outdoor tent can be erected. These can be easily heated and most are designed to provide better natural ventilation. If a tent cannot be provided, see what can be done about indoors social distancing measures, infection control, handwashing stations, etc.

If travel is deemed safe again, a destination wedding might also be a good idea for your needs. For this to happen quickly you’ll need to work with a very experienced professional who is focused on safety and sanitation as well as destination wedding planning.

Whichever road you choose, please keep reassuring yourself that you will eventually get married. Your wedding day might not happen the way you want it to, but at least you’ll have a great story to tell when you’re older.

Award-Winning Raleigh Wedding Catering

All Raleigh catering companies are not the same. This is especially true if you’re looking for a vendor that specializes in affordable pricing, great customer service, and fantastic flavors. Catering by Design is an award-winning Raleigh wedding catering company that is ready to help you with all of your needs. We’re practicing all of CDC safety guidelines for catering during COVID-19 to ensure that you and your guests are well taken care of.

We’ve got affordable menus to fit any budget. You can also customize your catering menu with any family recipes or dietary restrictions. Brides will love our free menu tastings, something our competitors charge for. Please give us a call soon if you have any questions or would like to discuss our catering packages or delivery services.

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More Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats and Recipes

Posted in: Catering in Raleigh NC

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you want to turn up the fun this year, then you’ll really enjoy today’s topic. In our last post, we talked about heart-shaped pancakes, lots of chocolate-covered goodies, and lots more. Be sure to go back and check out. Below we will be rounding out the rest of our favorites list. Need affordable Raleigh catering for an upcoming event this spring? Please call Catering by Design. You’ll love our menu selections, tasty flavors, service, and incredible prices.

raleigh catering

Valentine’s Day Rice Crispy Treats

One of my most favorite ideas on this list. You have so many different options for making fun Valentine’s Day-themed rice crispy treats. You can use a variety of cookie cutters to make different shapes, think hearts and X’s and O’s, different food colors, and lots of toppings as well.

Valentine Oreos

Super easy and super cute. Best of all, super quick and super cheap. 30 minutes from start to finish. All you need is a few bags of Oreo cookies, colorful candy melts, and sprinkles.

Cookie Butter Popcorn

If you thought the popcorn recipe in our last post looked delish, this one will def knock your socks off. This recipe from iheartnaptime looks divine. I can tell you right now that I will be making this one as soon as I can get by Trader’s Joes.

Oreo Kitty Cookies

Here is another great idea that transforms simple Oreos into really cute kitty cookies. This one is even easier as there is really no cooking involved. Just get the white fudge dipped Oreos and you’re all set. Your kids will love the fact that they can do all the decorating.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful and festive Valentine’s Day this year. If you’re looking for great tasting food at affordable prices for your next event, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can save you lots of time and money.

The Best Raleigh Catering for Spring 2020

Catering by Design offers the best Raleigh catering services in the area. We have great menus that will fit any sized budget or type of event. We specialize in family, social, community, and corporate events as well as wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. You can also customize your catering menu, truly making your event “catering by your design.”

Give us a call soon to schedule either a delivery or full service Raleigh catering.

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Easy Valentine’s Day Treats You Can Make With Your Kids

Posted in: Raleigh Catering

Want to take your Valentine’s Day festivities to another level this year with your kids? Get them in the kitchen to help you whip up a few of these super cute themed treats. Looking for affordable Raleigh caterers for your 2019 event? Call the professional team at Catering by Design today for more information. You’ll love our amazing menu packages, exceptional customer service, and great tasting food.

Raleigh caterers

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

If your kids love making pancakes then they’ll really enjoy this one. Get some heart-shaped cookie cutters and use them as pancake molds. Place them in your pan or on your griddle and just pour the batter straight in. Mix in your favorite fruits or sweets.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

This one is so easy and fun and your kids will love it. All you need is some pretzel sticks, chocolate for dipping, and your toppings. You can buy chocolate in many different colors for extra fun. Be sure to have plenty of Valentine’s Day-themed toppings to make them look festive.

Cupid’s Crunch Popcorn

This is a great treat for your family to eat and also to give as a Valentine’s Day gift. The recipe is so easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes to make a large batch. All you need is microwavable popcorn, colored chocolate, pretzels, and sprinkles. Check it out at ThisMammaLoves.

Pink Sugar Cookies

These soft-baked cookies are divine and easy to make. You don’t have to be a kitchen wiz to whip up a delicious batch. They’re great for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s the recipe.

Ready for more fun and kid-friendly Valentine’s Day treats? Be sure to come back to our blog for part two of this series. If you need an amazing catering experience for your next event, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help you.

Affordable Raleigh Caterers for 2020

If you are looking for reliable Raleigh caterers for your next event, please call Catering by Design right now. Our highly trained team of professionals is ready to take your call or schedule your service. We’re an award-winning Raleigh catering company that can handle events of any size.

Having a wedding? Brides and grooms love our free menu tastings! This is a free service we offer that most of our competitors charge for. Please click here to check out our menus, or call us today with any questions or to ask about our specials!

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More of Our Favorite Holiday Desserts

Posted in: Cary Catering Services

Did you come back to see the other holiday treats and desserts that made our favorites list? Welcome back! Christmas cookies, fudge, peppermint bark, and more topped our featured list in the last post. Below you’ll find out which yummy sweets will round out our favorites! Searching for the right Cary NC holiday catering services? Be sure to call Catering By Design today! You’ll love our prices and customer service.

Cary NC holiday catering

Yule Log

This traditional dessert is served near Christmas, especially in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries as well. This dessert is made of a sponge cake rolled up to resemble a miniature Yule log. I’ve seen some Yule logs that were almost too pretty to eat. Here’s a recipe if you’d like to give it a try.

Reindeer Bait

This fun holiday treat goes by many different names. You might have heard reindeer poop or food or even Christmas crack. Regardless of what you call it one thing is for sure, it’s super delicious and addicting. If you’re heading to a holiday party, make this your contribution and you’ll be the most popular person there. Here’s an easy recipe.


Fruitcakes have been around since the Romans. It’s celebrated in countries all over the world. Even though I’m not a huge fruitcake fan, if done correctly they’re very good. This 5-star recipe seems like a winner.

Gingerbread Houses

I adore making gingerbread houses with my kids. It’s so much fun watching them decide which candies to use to decorate and which ones they’re going to eat right away. Gingerbread houses are so much fun to make. If you’ve never made one before give it a try. You can buy kits at most stores or make your own from scratch.

Out of all of these yummy treats from the last two posts, let us know which one is your favorite on social media! We’d also like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks for being fans of Catering By Design!

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