Onsite Grilling

man grilling meat for catering event
Family having a barbecue in the garden, eating and having fun together.

No matter what kind of event or gathering you’re planning, having a team of caterers that grill onsite can make the day unforgettable. From juicy racks of ribs to glazed skewers with a tropical flair, all kinds of savory menu items can be freshly cooked up on the grill. 

With Catering By Design, you can partner with the Durham area’s premier upscale catering company to achieve visually appealing and delicious grilled dishes for your event. From small family gatherings to large weddings and corporate events, we can create grilled menus that appeal to everyone on your guest list.

Discover How You Can Make Your Event Memorable With Grill Onsite Catering 

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, anniversary, wedding or corporate event, grilled dishes can add a festive flair. With its pleasant aroma, grilling food helps set a relaxed, welcoming feel. Guests will be excited to see their food being prepared fresh in front of them and look forward to indulging in some barbecue or other grilled favorites. 

No matter what kind of menu you’re interested in, Catering By Design will help you bring it to life. We have a team of experienced, acclaimed chefs who will draw from a range of cuisines and cultures to create a menu that complements your event. You can expect fresh, top-quality ingredients your guests will find simply irresistible. We can even make some of your personal favorites if you give us the recipes. 

Why Choose Catering By Design?

Ever since we were founded over 20 years ago, Catering By Design has been helping clients ranging from families to event planners and companies create dream events. We’ve been a part of thousands of events in the Triangle, bringing each client’s catering vision to life. As a full-service caterer, our team will handle all aspects of your event, including the preparation, delivery, presentation and cleanup.

No matter the size or style of your event, we provide customized solutions to ensure we take care of all your needs. With quality food and exceptional service, you can feel confident knowing everyone in attendance will have a great time. 

We offer our premier catering services at an affordable price, making it easier than ever to achieve an exceptional dining experience while staying within your budget. Our website is transparent with pricing so you know exactly what to expect from our catering. 

Start Planning Your Next Event With Catering By Design 

If you’re interested in onsite grilling and catering services in North Carolina, our experienced team can help you get started. We’ll listen to all your cuisine needs and ideas and develop a customized grilled menu that will enhance your next event. With individualized attention and competitive pricing, it’s never been simpler to make your special events and gatherings a success. 

At Catering By Design, we even offer free consultations so you can learn more about our catering services. Reach out to us today at (919) 444-8341 or [email protected] to start planning your grilled menu.

onsite grilling catering
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