Perfect Drink Pairings for a Catered Brunch

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A catered brunch is a wonderful way to celebrate a daytime wedding, company milestone or other special occasion. It also gives you an excuse to enjoy a couple of brunch cocktails with your friends or colleagues.

While mimosas are a standard brunch beverage, many other cocktails pair beautifully with sweet or savory dishes. Our guide will explore the best beverage pairings for brunch so you can host an event that everyone enjoys! 

Savory Spreads to Pair With Brunch Cocktails 

Two quintessential brunch ingredients are eggs and bacon — after all, they star in a variety of dishes. However, numerous other savory brunch ideas cater to other tastes and dietary requirements. Consider these savory brunch-with-drinks options for your catered menu.

Bagel Board

Serving bagels at your brunch is not only a filling option, but it allows everyone to choose their own toppings. For example, you could offer a spread of cream cheese, butter, bacon and hard-boiled eggs, enabling your guests to mix and match different flavors.

A Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice with this brunch option, as it will help cleanse the palate between bites. Another option to consider is a French 75. This light drink is a delightful mix of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and sparkling wine, making it a refreshing accompaniment to any dish.

Cupcake Quiches

An eggy dish is a must-have on a brunch menu. Putting a quiche in bite-sized cupcakes makes it one of the most presentable options.

When choosing a quiche — or any other egg dish — it’s best to pair your meal with a sparkling drink like Champagne. A zesty mimosa or orange juice-based Tequila Sunrise is another solid beverage option.

Vegan Box Lunch

A whole-wheat wrap filled with tomato, cucumber, roasted red peppers and baby spinach is a delicious combination — add lashings of creamy hummus, and you have yourself a stellar vegan brunch option. You can also serve this meal with a generous helping of vegetable pasta salad, chips or a fresh fruit cup to make it even more satisfying.

If you’re planning to pair this brunch with wine, a pinot grigio or other crisp white wine is a good choice — just keep in mind that some wine filtration methods involve animal products. Check for vegetarian or vegan labels when purchasing your accompanying beverage.

Brunch Beverages with Sweet Treats

When it comes to planning your brunch menu, there are no rules. If you have a particular fondness for sweet treats, enjoying them mid-morning is perfectly acceptable! Pairing sweet dishes with a decadent brunch cocktail menu adds to the occasion. Here are some brunch and drink pairings to consider:

Belgium Waffles 

waffles with a fruity drink

Fluffy waffles drizzled with maple syrup are even more delicious with a sparkling cider. The fruity drink compliments the flavors in the dish, making it a delectable pairing. If you’re celebrating something special, clinking glasses filled with a sparkling drink add to the occasion.

On the other hand, waffles with bacon will pair best with a dry wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc. The combination of sweet waffles, savory toppings and crisp wine is sure to go down a treat.

Cinnamon Rolls 

Whether you serve your cinnamon rolls on their own or with a side of cubed fruit, you’ll likely get a hefty dose of sugar. Pairing this brunch option with an unwooded chardonnay or brut Champagne helps to balance the sweetness.

While it’s always fun to offer a boozy beverage, you may want to consider offering guests standard drink options such as coffee, tea or even a glass of milk to go with the decadent treat.


From mini muffins to delightful Danishes, an array of pastries makes a decadent choice for a brunch with drinks. You can either serve these brunch delights alone or as part of a sweet and savory spread.

A glass of pinot noir or a rich Malbec makes a good pairing with these sweet treats. The acidity in these wines offsets the sweetness of the sugary pastries, making it a good combination.

Late-Brunch Drink Pairings 

By definition, “brunch” is a meal served between breakfast and lunch. If you plan to select a later start time for your catered event, you may want to consider more hearty meal options. Here are some top suggestions with accompanying drinks:

Charcuterie Boards

The term “charcuterie” denotes cured meats, so think along the lines of salami and ham. These items are sure to excite your guests, but it’s best to pair them with an array of other produce to enhance the experience. Some food options to add to your boards include:

  • Imported and domestic cheeses
  • Jam
  • Nuts and olives

When it comes to pairing charcuterie and cheese boards with beverages, consider a pinot noir. If you choose Italian cured meats, you can complement this spread with a delightfully bitter Negroni or Aperol spritz.

Chicken and Waffles 

A true American brunch option is chicken and waffles. This carbohydrate and protein-heavy dish is particularly enjoyable later on in the day, making it a good option for guests who like to sleep in on the weekend.

As this is not a typical brunch option, it pairs equally well with an uncommon brunch beverage, such as an old-fashioned cocktail. Take note of whether the chicken in your catered brunch will be crispy or spicy, and select a bourbon that will bring out the flavors in the dish.

Mocktail Options to Consider 

When hosting a catered brunch, remember that some guests prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Here are some nonalcoholic options to consider: 

  • Lemonade: Nothing quenches a guest’s thirst quite like a tall glass of icy lemonade. Adding a sprig of mint or some fresh lemon slices makes this beverage look as good as it tastes.
  • Ice tea: This caffeinated beverage offers a helpful energy boost mid-morning. Providing unsweetened and sweetened options caters to everyone’s preferences.
  • Nonalcoholic cocktails: Mocktails can be just as pretty and tasty as the real thing. Why not customize your very own nonalcoholic beverage to reflect your brand or occasion?

Plan a Catered Brunch to Remember

Brunch is the perfect time to get together with friends, family or colleagues and celebrate special occasions. Whether you choose to serve sweet or savory dishes or a combination of both, our team can suggest the perfect drink pairings.

Catering by Design offers tailored brunch catering services, enabling you to enjoy the occasion without any additional stress. Find out why our clients love us or chat with our team to discover how we can make your brunch event come to life!

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