Spend More Time With Family and Cater Your Easter Celebration

With Easter a few hops around the corner, countless families around the globe have begun preparing. Painting eggs and planning Easter egg hunts for the kids is always fun, but bringing the whole family together for a hearty meal can be stressful. 

Tailoring a menu and preparing tasty traditional Easter dishes like roast ham can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hosting your family’s annual Easter celebration for the first time. Even seasoned holiday hosts find the level of work that goes into preparing an extravagant lunch for the extended family to be a handful. Luckily, there’s an exciting solution. 

5 Benefits of Catering Your Easter Celebration

This year, you could rely on professional catering for Easter. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing catering services.

1. Spend Less Time in the Kitchen 

Easter celebrations bring the entire family together and, often, several family friends. Preparing meals for a large number of people is no easy feat. Preparation can take hours, if not a day or two. And that’s only one area of work — there’s also all that cleaning up. When you work with a catering company, instead of spending all that time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, you could spend it with your family. You can enjoy the Easter weekend with your family without worrying about the roast burning or dreading the mountain of dishes that will be left behind. 

2. Enjoy Decadent Meals Without the Hassle

Cooking “Easter-worthy” meals can also feel overwhelming. Every home cook knows that recipes don’t always turn out as expected. Even when relying on your own recipes, you could accidentally add too much salt or forget to pick up certain ingredients from the store. All in all, getting your recipes to come out perfectly can be a hassle.

Easter Sunday catering services guarantee mouth-watering meals. Top caterers work with trained kitchen staff and cooks to prepare meals — there’s no risk of sitting down to an undercooked or overcooked meal, and there’s even less risk of lunch or dinner running late. You can set the table on time with decadent holiday dishes. 

3. Make a Memorable Statement

While there’s something to be said about hearty homemade meals, we can probably all agree that professional cooks have mastered the culinary arts. Setting the Easter table with culinary expertise is sure to make a memorable statement. Catering services don’t just prepare meals — they take great care when plating dishes, ensuring perfect food presentation. 

When choosing catering for Easter dinner and brunch, you will also have more time to perfect your table setting, centerpiece and Easter decor. You can host a memorable Easter celebration. 

4. Save Money

There’s a common misconception that catering is unaffordable. On the contrary, catering services are often very affordable. When relying on a caterer, you won’t need to budget for ingredients, source ingredients, spend hours preparing meals or take the time to clean up. 

Instead, you’ll choose your menu and pay a set price per person, and the catering service will handle the rest. It’ll be far easier to ensure every mouth is fed, and there’s no risk of not cooking enough food to feed all your guests. 

If you want to skip the grocery store and opt out of cooking at home, you can work alongside a caterer this Easter. Even if the catering costs are slightly higher than the necessary groceries, not having to cook is a priceless perk for some. 

5. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Those hosting holiday celebrations for the family often worry about things like undercooked and overcooked food and the chance that some guests may still be hungry or won’t enjoy the food for other reasons. Whether you’re serving a few picky eaters or don’t yet fully trust your culinary skills, preparing meals for many people can be intimidating.

When choosing a caterer, you’ll only need to select a menu. You can customize entrees, desserts and side dishes, helping you create a menu where there’s something for everyone. Catering services can tailor their holiday menus to various tastes. 

Holiday Menus From Catering By Design

Catering By Design has served delicious meals for thousands of events since 2000. We have distinct catering menus for holidays, social events, corporate events and weddings. Each menu showcases exquisite dishes that can accommodate various preferences. 

With our customizable holiday buffet option, you can choose between two delicious salads for a starter. Entree options for this menu include:

  • Roast pork loin with fig and port wine sauce.
  • Slow-roasted rosemary roast beef with a mushroom demi glaze. 
  • Honey garlic glazed salmon. 
  • Virginia baked ham with an orange glaze. 
  • Chicken breast with bacon and Gouda, topped with pesto cream. 

For sides, you can choose Easter classics like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, grilled veggies and more. And, of course, there are several dessert options, including pecan pie, peppermint cheesecake and red velvet cake squares.

Add our holiday hors d’oeuvres to your Easter dinner menu and enjoy dishes like bacon-wrapped chicken bites, carved turkey on Hawaiian rolls and much more. We also offer an Easter brunch catering menu with delicious dishes like maple pepper bacon, fruit salad, egg casserole and other brunch-time delights. 

Each of our balanced meals is served in a generous portion to ensure a fulfilling experience for all your guests. You can customize and upgrade your menu with additions like cocktail shrimp, a rib carving station and more. Additionally, if you or some of your guests have food allergies, gluten intolerances or picky taste buds, we’ll customize your menu to accommodate.

There are several ways to enjoy your meal. Our full-service catering option offers full table service, providing the finest dining experience that’s sure to impress your loved ones. Our buffet services can set up food stations that allow guests to choose their own foods. We also offer delivery services that will bring your Easter holiday meals to your doorstep. You can also opt to pick up your order. 

Let Catering By Design Set the Table This Easter!

Many Americans agree that hosting a holiday celebration can be as stressful as it is enjoyable. Between planning holiday traditions and preparing delicious meals, there’s often little time to relax and enjoy the occasion. 

Catering By Design offers expert catering services across North Carolina. Our exquisite menus use the highest quality ingredients to create meals that impress diverse taste buds. We’ll work closely with you to bring your Easter holiday vision to life. Whether you want to stun your loved ones with fully-serviced tables or have your ready-made meals delivered, our catering services can ensure a successful Easter celebration. 

Contact us online or reach out directly at 919-444-8341 to start planning your Easter celebration with professional caterers.

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