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Things Wedding Guests Should Never Do

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If you’ve been invited to attend the wedding of a family member or friend, think of it as an honor. The bride and groom think you’re important and want to include you in their big day.

However, some wedding guests do not take this seriously. They will show up to the wedding and do things that could ruin the entire celebration.

Here are a few things you should never do as a wedding guest. Did you know that Catering by Design is one of the best Raleigh caterers when you need to save time and money for your wedding reception? If you want the best experience, call and ask about our affordable wedding menu selections.

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Never Do These Things as a Wedding Guest

Get Blackout Drunk

Let’s face it, everyone likes to have a good time at wedding receptions. After all, they’re meant to be a celebration of love and new beginnings. There’s probably going to be dancing and alcohol. That does not mean you have the green light to get blackout drunk. Drinking until you’re extremely inebriated is not proper.

Getting too drunk will make you do all types of foolish things. The last thing you want to do is try to kiss the bride or groom, start a fight, get arrested, or something worse. All these can happen when you drink too much.

Dress Appropriately

Being invited to a wedding does not allow you to just wear anything you want. Men and women should dress nice and wear the appropriate type of clothing based on the style of wedding. If you’re heading to a formal affair, dress in something that you would wear to church or out to nice a dinner. If you’re heading to a casual beach wedding, then wear a nice casual beach outfit.

However, do not show up the bride. Do not wear a sexy mini that shows off too much skin or attracts unwanted attention.

Don’t Bring Uninvited Guests

If you’re invited to a wedding, and it specifically says that the reception is a kid free event, don’t bring your children. Hire a sitter for the night. Don’t just assume that since you’ve known the bride for twenty years that she will be cool with you bringing your kids along. Respect the bride and groom’s wishes about not having children at their event.

That being said, don’t bring an unwanted guest as your date either. If you know for a fact that your wedding date’s presence will create drama, either decline the invite or go by yourself. A good example is bringing one of the newlywed’s exes as a date. Don’t do that.

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