How a Catered Lunch Can Boost Employee Morale

Lunch catering for office employees promotes good workplace culture and boosts employee morale. Free meals and good food helps staff members feel cared for and appreciated. Learn what office catering might fit your company’s needs.

What Is Office Lunch Catering?

Company catering provides free food and meals to employees during one-time events or daily meals. Some companies prefer to use restaurant catering services. However, finding meals from a professional catering company offers the potential for menu customization or unique meal preference requests. Some types of office lunch catering include individual orders, buffet-style meals, platters or a food truck.  

Benefits of Catering for Office Lunches

Providing food for team lunches can benefit your company and employees in many ways. For example, you might experience increased retention or improved workplace culture. Here are four specific benefits of catering office lunches. 

1. Improves Company Culture

Many companies want to build a workplace culture centered around the wants and needs of the employee. By supporting employee needs and creating an encouraging space, companies may find their staff members improve socialization, communication and overall workplace community. 

Food is a great way to improve company culture. Eating together offers human bonding and community while encouraging socialization and good conversations. Getting employees to talk to each other can promote workplace friendships and improve connections, morale and workplace atmosphere. 

2. Increases Recruitment and Retention

Employees will be more likely to stay or work at your company if you offer catering benefits. Free food can be an incredible perk and deciding factor for potential candidates. On the other hand, those who already work for your company will appreciate the quality meals.

3. Saves Employee Time

Catering services can save your company time and money while increasing workplace productivity. Because employees don’t have to leave the office to buy lunch, they can stay at work, decreasing the time spent commuting from lunch. Many staff members have productive conversations over lunch, reducing the need for extra meetings. You can also minimize break times for lunch, as many people won’t need extra time for driving. 

4. Shows Appreciation for Staff

Catered meals show you appreciate and care for your staff members. New meals also excite and relieve employees while improving morale and retention. For those employees who might not have the money or time to buy or prepare lunch for themselves, a free, catered meal shows you value their hard work.

When to Use Lunch Office Catering

Many companies wonder when they should provide catering to their office employees. For example, you might want to give meals on Monday mornings or cater during special events and parties. Here are a few company lunch ideas to help you decide when to provide office catering.

1. Monday Mornings

Many employees deserve a boost of energy and extra care on Mondays. Monday morning catered breakfasts or brunches can help increase staff energy and productivity. Make Mondays easier with energizing juice, coffee, breakfast sandwiches or sweet treats like donuts and scones.

2. Celebrations

Celebrations can be paired with good catering services to provide quality food and increase employee happiness, whether you plan to celebrate a staff member’s anniversary or a company milestone. Staff members will feel cared for and appreciated with the addition of food during a celebration of their hard work.

3. Office Busy Season

During the office’s busy season, many employees might skip meals or have little time to buy or prepare meals for themselves. Companies can promote health and wellness while showing employee care by providing free catered dinners during the week. Employees will feel appreciated while being encouraged to eat food when needed.

4. Attracting Young Recruits

Many companies try to attract millennial and Generation Z recruits through amenities and benefits like company catering. Young recruits are often drawn to the benefits a potential employer can offer, and the addition of free food can be the deciding factor for many candidates. 

5. Competitors Offer Catering

If your company does not offer any catering services, but your competitors do, staff members and employees will take note. Be sure to provide catering to stay ahead of the curve and show your employees you appreciate them. 

6. Promoting Health and Wellness

Some companies like to promote healthy living and eating to their employees. Consider providing healthy catering options, such as a salad bar, juice station or vegan meal alternatives. Healthy eating can improve your employee’s minds and bodies while showing you care about your staff members.

7. Happy Hour

Happy hour is an excellent opportunity to provide drinks and snacks to your employees. Many staff members appreciate the break to socialize with work friends and take a break from work. You can energize your employees while encouraging good conversations and bonding. 

8. Visiting Investors

If investors happen to visit your office, quality catering and meals provide a good company image and show your business as a good host. You can provide light snacks or an entire meal. Whatever you choose, good food draws investors to your company and encourages future visits. 

9. Holiday Office Parties

Holiday office parties are the perfect opportunity to provide fun snacks and meals. Whether you want to host a Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s or Thanksgiving party, catering is an easy and accessible way to provide good food to a large group.

10. Snack Catering

Employees often appreciate access to free snacks throughout the workday. Sometimes, a packet of pretzels or a quick sip of juice can be just the energy boost they need to keep productivity up. Consider hosting a snack bar during the afternoon, when energy levels might decrease. 

11. Team Building Day

Food is a great way to build bonds between team members. Consider using catering during a team building day. After long events or programs, good food is much appreciated by employees.

12. Board Meetings

Board meetings often require long hours of mentally draining work and socialization. Consider providing snacks or meals to ease stress and promote quality bonding moments. Catering can be used to provide meals during meetings that take place over lunchtime or dinner. 

13. Corporate Events

Corporate events often occur over mealtimes, meaning you can offer quality snacks or meals to keep employees well-fed and energized. Good food also promotes a professional company image.

14. Breakfast

Breakfast is an excellent opportunity to wake your staff members up with delicious food and energizing coffee and tea. You can include popular items like breakfast sandwiches, donuts and caffeinated drinks. Breakfast prepares the mind and body for the day and can make employees feel ready. 

Choose Catering By Design

Catering By Design offers preparation, delivery, presentation and clean-up services for companies and businesses in the Raleigh-Durham area. Since 2000, we’ve provided catering services with professional, made-to-order food and diverse cultures and local cuisines. 

Whether you want to hold a corporate event, give food to a wedding party or enjoy quality food for a social party, our company can help you find the right menu to fit your event’s needs. Our exceptional service is sure to impress. Contact us online today to plan your next catering event.

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