Catering Ideas for Work Lunch Meetings

Between running to meetings and staying on top of your to-do list, finding time to eat at work can prove difficult. Ordering catering for meetings that run into the lunch hour creates a more relaxed atmosphere and gives everyone on the staff a chance to eat so they can concentrate on the proceedings. If you want to make meetings even better, you can theme the menu for a touch of fun!

Catering meetings makes everyone feel valued and boosts morale within the team. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of foods that caters to everyone’s preferences, restrictions and potential allergies.

Fancy Sandwich Boards

There’s no reason why you can’t reinvent the classic sandwich. Instead of plain peanut butter and jelly on white bread, you can opt for colorful ingredients on crusty bread or rye for team members who have a gluten intolerance. Your extra attention to detail will leave a lasting impression on your employees.

Noodle Boxes

Individual noodle boxes are a mess-free option that team members can easily discard when they’re done. Pair noodles with beef, chicken or vegetarian and vegan options like tofu or grilled vegetables. These low-maintenance options provide minimal distraction from the meeting’s purpose and give everyone a chance to get their lunch in.

Scones or Muffins

If you want a sweeter treat for your team with a convenient wrapper to maintain tidiness, opt for scones and muffins that can be paired with jams and butter. Each team member can choose what they want to suit their own preferences as you cater to everyone’s tastes and keep their energy levels up during the meeting.

Fresh Fruit Salads

For something lighter, if the meeting isn’t expected to take too long, you can serve fruit salad. This food is a great snack before your team disperses for their actual lunch break, giving them a healthy and sweet option that boosts their energy.

Coffee and Tea Stations With Dessert Pastries

You can set up a coffee and tea station and pair it with a variety of pastry-based food like croissants or mini waffles. This set-up creates a pleasant atmosphere in the meeting room with a combination of delicious smells and warm beverages that your team can access without having to leave the room.

Creative Savory Pastries

Savory pastries like phyllo or samosas are great finger foods that suit various preferences and restrictions while giving you the opportunity to get creative with the fillings. These small dishes also allow your team to mix and match what sounds good to them without feeling pressured to try what they might not enjoy.

Get the Best Foods for Your Work Meetings

Food is a great way to connect with your team while talking through important issues regarding your place of work. Catering By Design is your solution to catering for important events and conferences and we have over 20 years of experience serving the Raleigh-Durham area. Contact us today and work with us to cater for your work events and lunch meetings!

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