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Saving Money When Buying Groceries

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Welcome back to our series on tips for saving lots of money when grocery shopping. If you missed our last post, we talked about making a cash budget, buying less food, using coupons, and more. Jump back to read more about these tips by clicking here. Below you’ll find more great ideas that will keep more money in your bank account regardless of how often you buy groceries. If you’re searching for the best event caterers Raleigh NC has to offer this summer or fall, call Catering by Design right now. You’ll love our food, attention to detail, and unbeatable prices. Call today to learn more.

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Saving Money When Grocery Shopping

Stop Shopping While Hungry

Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. Instead, try to only shop when you have a full belly. This is another trick that will help you avoid the dreaded impulse buy, something we talked about in our last post. Scheduling your grocery shopping on Saturday and Sunday will also help.

Skip the Toiletries

Did you know that buying toiletries from the grocery store is costing you more money? It is! You can buy these items at cheaper prices at other stores, like a pharmacy, Walmart, etc.

Try Leaving Your Kids at Home

This one is a long shot, we know from experience, but try to leave your kids at home when going out grocery shopping. This is really unavoidable at times. However, you’ll save time and money if you can. You’ll be able to focus on your list and your children will not be there begging you to buy them things you know they won’t really like.

We hope the tips in our last two posts help you save on your grocery bills. Make sure to come back next month for the final post in this series. We’ll finish up with even more awesome grocery shopping tips that will help you save money. For the best prices and for high-quality catering in the Triangle, keep reading to learn why Catering by Design is number one!

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