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Why You Should Renew Your Vows

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Raleigh caterers Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Want to celebrate a little differently this year? Why not renew your wedding vows instead of having the same old fashioned party? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 20 years, or 2, reaffirming your love is a great way to show your commitment to each other.

Renewing your wedding vows offers you lots of benefits that you might not have had on your original wedding day. For one, it’s not a legally binding ceremony so you don’t have to worry about any wedding paperwork. You can go as big, or as small as you like. You have just as many, or more choices for venues, themes, decor, etc. There are also several wedding vendors that offer special packages for wedding vow renewals. All it takes is a little research and planning.

Your favorite of all the Raleigh caterers, Catering By Design has put together a few reasons why you should reaffirm your wedding vows.

Love Declaration – Most newlyweds are wrapped up in love and romance for the first year or so, so do not renew too soon. Wait awhile and make it special. If you’re celebrating your fifth, tenth, or twentieth anniversary, then this is a great option for you and your spouse. In lots of ways, your love has grown deeper over the years. Share this love by recommitting.

Take Another Shot – When you first got married, you might not have had the finances to have the wedding that you always wanted. Maybe things did not go as planned and you had to revert to “plan B.” Here is your chance to make the memories that you always wanted. Write your own renewal vows, have your children participate, you can even include your pets if you wish. Take this chance to make your wedding dreams come true.

Updated Photos – Are your wedding day photos outdated? Did they not come out right or the way you intended? Renewing your wedding vows is the perfect opportunity to take a second chance at getting photos you’re proud to share. You might have a little more money these days so hiring a professional wedding photographer might finally be in your budget. With today’s technology, you can share the images on social media without having to use a picture scanner.

Have a Celebration – The biggest reason we can come up with is just to have a wonderful celebration to mark your big milestone. After all, we are not guaranteed any time on this Earth so make the best of it. Show your love and commitment to each other by celebrating in style.

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If you’re considering renewing your vows, please consider the best of all of the Raleigh caterers by calling Catering By Design. Just take a look at our menus, we have one for any occassion and they’re fully customizable to your dietary needs. Call us today to learn more.