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More Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Thanks for joining us for part two in our series to help you find the best wedding anniversary gifts. If you’re just now joining us, be sure to go back and read over part one of this series. We discussed both traditional and nontraditional anniversary gift ideas for years one through ten.

In today’s post, we are going to continue down this same path with traditional and modern gifts for the major milestone gifts after year ten. If you are searching for the best Raleigh wedding catering, please call Catering by Design for an affordable option.

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Even More Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This first list that we have below covers all the traditional gifts that people buy for their loved ones. You can also use this as a guide to buy gifts for one of your favorite couples celebrating their anniversary as well. This list will make a perfect guide for anyone looking to stick to the traditional gift giving route.

  • 11th – Steel
  • 12th – Silk or Linen
  • 13th – Lace
  • 14th – Pet or Animals
  • 15th – Crystal
  • 20th – China
  • 25th – Silver
  • 30th – Pearls
  • 35th – Coral
  • 40th – Ruby
  • 45th – Sapphire
  • 50th – Gold
  • 60th – Diamond

If you want to go with something that leans more towards the modern route then use the information we’ve listed out below. These can be an alternative to the traditional route, although some are the same.

  • 11th – Fashion Jewelry
  • 12th – Pearls
  • 13th – Textile Furs
  • 14th – Gold Jewelry
  • 15th – Watches
  • 20th – Platinum
  • 25th – Silver
  • 30th – Diamond
  • 35th – Jade
  • 40th – Ruby
  • 45th – Sapphire
  • 50th – Gold
  • 60th – Diamond

We hope the ideas we’ve given you in the last two posts will help you plan for, and buy, the very best wedding anniversary gift for either your loved one or favorite couple. If you know someone getting married, or need affordable catering for your next event, don’t hesitate to give Catering by Design a call. Keep reading for more information.

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