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More Hilarious Wedding Speech Tips

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Spring is here! That means that wedding season is just beginning. For the next six to seven months, brides and grooms all over the country will be tying the knot and celebrating. Some of you reading our blog might have a son or daughter getting married, or you might be in the wedding party, meaning you could be giving a speech as part of your duties.

Public speaking is something most of us dread, regardless of the occasion. That’s why we’re going to help you with some awesome speech writing tips. In fact, in our last post on giving funny wedding speeches, we talked about making jokes about your own nervousness, keeping the time of the speech short, and lots more. Take a look on your next break.

Today we’re continuing with even more ideas that will help you bring the laughs when it’s your turn to give a speech. If you’re looking for affordable Raleigh caterers for a wedding or event this year, please call Catering by Design. You’ll love our fantastic flavors, amazing prices, and unbeatable customer service.

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Wedding Speech Tips to Help You Hit a Home Run

Don’t Wait ‘Til the Last Minute

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your speech. Unless you’re a professional comedian, it can be a bad idea to just wing it. Start working on your speech early. This will give you time to draw inspiration from your past, dig up some funny pictures or props, and practice.

Crowd Participation

Another great tip for getting a few laughs is by getting the other wedding guests involved. An easy way to accomplish this is by asking your audience a general question. This is also a great idea that will allow for an easy transition into your funny story. Say something like, “Has anyone ever …” and then end it with what the couple did that was so funny.

Tell a Funny Story, But Don’t Push It Too Far

If you’ve got a funny story to tell about either the groom, bride, or them as a couple, share it in a teasing nature. However, don’t cross that line where you’re getting too personal. The last thing you’ll want to do is make the audience cringe at something too awkward. Remember there will be parents, grandparents, and other assorted relatives of all ages in the audience.

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