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Having a Fall Wedding Carnival Is a Great Theme

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Here in North Carolina, the State Fair season is right around the corner. The middle of October brings all of our favorite carnival rides, games, and best of all, the food! Since the fair happens during the fall season here in NC, this can provide some great wedding inspiration, especially if you’re trying to decide on a theme that will make your big day stand out from all the other weddings your guests will be attending this year.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you a list of fantastic reasons why you should consider having a country fair or carnival theme for your fall wedding.

Food, Fun, and the Fair!

If you’re looking for a really fun way to make your wedding reception stand out, make it into a fun carnival with bright colors, games, and plenty of delicious fair style food. This type of theme works especially well for fall weddings in NC, and is quite popular if you will be having a lot of kids attending. For starters, if you’re getting married next fall, you could plan to have your engagement session at this year’s state fair. This will set the tone and you’ll be able to use this carnival themed photo in your save-the-date and wedding invites.

The next idea we have for you is the best part, and that is all the different food and treat ideas you can use. A carnival themed wedding reception works well if you want a casual atmosphere and do not want to serve a full meal.

Pictured at the top of the page is what some call an elephant ear, and what others call funnel cakes. An interactive funnel cake bar, complete with fresh fruit, and all the other many toppings that make this treat a favorite, will be a huge hit. You can also have an antique style popcorn cart, or cotton candy maker. The options are so many that you’ll have to choose wisely.

For heavier food, you could serve grilled corn, grilled turkey legs, and many different styles of sliders.

Speaking of cotton candy, this treat makes for a unique seat finder, and great take home gift for your wedding guests
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When it comes to setting up your table arrangements, and other decor, you have many options here too. It really depends on how much carnival you want to incorporate here. My personal favorite is using more of a rustic look. I also really like the idea of having old antique aluminum cans holding your flowers for the centerpieces of your tables. You can even add colorful ticket rolls around each centerpiece to give it more of a fair appeal.

raleigh wedding catering

For your entertainment, you can really go all out. Pictured above is a ball pit. Both adults and kids will love playing in a large pit of balls. You can also rent a giant bouncy castle that is big enough for adults to play in, as well as, set up easy-to-construct games like a ring toss or a balloon wall and give away the traditional silly prizes like stuffed animals and other trinkets.

For photos, instead of the oh so popular instant-photo booth why not change it up some and use a “Kissing Booth” instead? This will give couples an especially cute memento from your wedding day and could possibly introduce new love, wink-wink.

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