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The History of Common Wedding Traditions

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Weddings are all about fun, making lifelong memories, and traditions. Most of the traditions you see you’re probably really familiar with. But do you know the history, where they started, and what they represent?

Today we’re going to be talking about the history of the most common traditions you see at weddings. If you are in need of affordable wedding catering Raleigh NC services, please call Catering by Design. We offer free menu tastings!

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The History of Our Common Wedding Traditions

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue – We recently covered some great ideas for this old tradition. Something old represents the families and all the happiness from the past marriages. Something new stands for the future and good fortune. Something borrowed means borrowing happiness from friends and family, while something blue stands for the love and fidelity you’ll share as married couple.

The Wedding Bouquet – In today’s modern marriages, brides carry beautiful bouquets of flowers and greenery. However, when this tradition first started, brides carried a bundle of garlic, dill, and other fragrant herbs. This was believed to ward off evil spirits. When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert got married in 1840, the bundle of herbs was replaced with beautiful flowers. As time passed, the flowers slowly became the more popular choice.

The Garter Toss – This one has a little bit of a weird history as it was formed to actually protect the bride from unruly wedding guests. It actually comes from medieval England and France where guests would force their way into the wedding chamber to check the bride’s stockings for proof that the marriage had been consummated.

In France, brides would get rushed by a mob of guests that were trying to grab a piece of her wedding dress for good luck. In the end, the bride was bruised and battered, and hardly left with any clothes on. One smart groom figured out a way to satisfy the mob by tossing out his bride’s garter for them to fight over.

We hope today’s post on the history of common wedding traditions will give you a different appreciation for all the fun ones you’re going to have at your wedding. Be sure to join us for part two for more wedding traditions and their history. If you need a great catering service, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help you!

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