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How to Avoid Cabin Fever During Quarantine

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The Coronavirus has all going a little crazy. The loss of freedoms has resulted in a lot of uncertainty. People are panicking because they don’t know what’s going to happen next. Schools, businesses, including us, and most of the entertainment industry have closed. The boredom is driving people mad. We’ve got some ideas that we hope will help you avoid the dreaded cabin fever during these trying times. Please don’t forget, our local Raleigh NC catering service is going to need your help during the recovery phase. We hope that you’ll give us a call for the same great level of customer service and food for your upcoming events this summer and fall. Even though we are working from home, we will still be answering voicemails and returning emails to provide quotes and to schedule future service. Thank you for your support!

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Learning to Bake or Cook

Number one on our list is learning how to bake or cook, or teaching your kids these skills. Being cooped up inside can leave you with plenty of time on your hands to learn a new skill. Baking and cooking are skills that everyone should have a decent understanding of, even your kids as it’s never too early to start learning. Plus, in times of a food shortage, knowing how to bake your own bread can be a crucial skill to have. And don’t have any fear about stepping into the unknown of baking or cooking. We’ve written several previous blog posts that can help you.

Not only are these skills important but you’re spending quality time with your kids and loved ones. Creating memories, laughing, sharing in your failures and celebrating your culinary successes.

Build a Cardboard Castle or Fort

Forget making a standard pillow and blanket fort. Put all those Amazon shipping boxes to use and help your kids make an unforgettable cardboard castle or fort. There are lots of fun tutorials online and videos on Youtube that will show you step-by-step instructions. You’ll only need a few craft supplies and you probably already have them laying around your home.

Here are 25 epic cardboard fort ideas for you to review.

This a short and fun video that shows how easy one is to build:

Start a Garden

The warmer weather is right around the corner. If you’re planning on gardening this spring and summer then now is the time to start getting your seedlings ready. It might still be a little cold to get some seeds in the ground but you can start them indoors and transplant later. You can also start your own little herb garden inside to have fresh herbs all for the rest of the year.

If you’re planting an outdoor garden then you can start getting your soil ready. Most experts say to get your soil ready between 1-3 months before planting. So that means now is a great time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Pulling weeds, composting, mixing soils, testing your levels, can all be started now.

Teach Your Children How to Sew

Sewing is another life skill that everyone should have some basic knowledge of, especially sewing a button on. If your children are old enough then teach them the basics of sewing. How to properly thread a needle, how to tie off a thread, sewing a button, sewing up a hole in a pocket, are all very easy things you can show them how to do.

If you do not know how to sew, then take this time to learn how. Simple, basic sewing is not hard and you do not have to own an expensive machine. All you need is are a few sewing needles and threads. This website has some great tips and tricks.

Don’t let the pandemic of 2020 get you down. Be sure to come back to our blog really soon to learn more cabin fever avoiding tips. If you have future this even this summer, fall, or winter, keep Catering by Design in mind. We have staff standing by to answer your questions.

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