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Summer Camping Dessert Recipes

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Going camping this summer? We’ve got a few great campfire dessert recipes that both adults and kids will be sure to love. The first one comes directly from Alton Brown himself. Although I have not tried this one yet, it is on my to-do list the next time we hit the woods. The second is a kid favorite, hands down; Stuffed Banana Boats. If you love s’mores, then you’ll love these heavenly treats. Every time we make these while camping, the kids just rave about how good they are. Here’s a hint…be ready to make extras!

Campfire Fruit Pouches

Total Time: 25 min
Prep: 15 min
Cook: 10 min
Yield: 4 servings

2 – cups gingersnaps, crushed
4 – apricots, pits removed and cut into eight pieces each
4 – plums, pits removed and cut into four pieces each
4 – tablespoons unsalted butter
2 – tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons sugar
1 – Pinch salt
4 – teaspoons lime zest
2 – juiced limes
4 – teaspoons brandy (optional)


You can use a grill, campfire, or fire pit for this recipe, but first make sure whichever you use, it’s hot before starting. First, get your foil ready by tearing off 8 squares that measure about 18 inches by 18 inches. You’ll lay these on your prepping area in double layers to make your 4 pouches. This double layer will also help prevent scorching. Now evenly divide the gingersnaps to make your bottom layer, then add your fruit on top, dab a little butter here and there. Take a small bowl and mix your sugar, salt, and lime zest and then sprinkle this over your fruit and gingersnaps. Drizzle with the fruit juice, and add a little brandy for the adults, and seal them up.

You’re now ready to either toss them on the grill, or the fire. Close your lid if grilling, and try to carefully bury them under the coals if using a campfire or fire pit. Let the packets cook for about 10 minutes and then carefully remove them. Use caution because they will be very hot. Carefully open them and watch for hot steam, then serve on a plate, or in a bowl. Pair with vanilla ice cream for an extra treat.

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Stuffed Banana Marshmallow Boats

Total Time: 17 – 20 min
Prep: 2 min
Cook: 15 min
Yield: 4 servings


4 – peeled bananas
1/2 – cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 – cup caramel or butterscotch chips (optional)
1/2 – cup miniature marshmallows


First, get your tinfoil ready by cutting 8 sheets to make 4 double layers, like above. These, however, do not have to be as large. Next, lay a peeled banana on each sheet and slice it down the center. Stuff it full of your favorite chips and marshmallows, and seal them up. The kids love the assembly part so be sure to get them to help with this step. Just like above, you can cook these using a grill or campfire and just follow those same directions. The banana boats might take about 15 minutes to cook using a campfire, depending on the temperature of your coals. Carefully remove the packets from the fire and carefully open them. You can either serve in their own foil packages or serve in a bowl or plate. All you need is a spoon!

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(Source: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/stone-fruit-pouches-recipe.html)
(Source: http://www.thetaylor-house.com/dessert-on-the-campfire-banana-boats/)

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More Tips for Fresher Foods

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Thanks for joining us for the final installment in this short series so you can learn more tips on how to keep your food fresher for longer periods of time. We aim to help you reduce your food waste, which will save you lots of time and money. Part one gave us an overview on keeping fruits and vegetables longer. Part one can be found here. Part two discussed tips to help you keep your dairy products, meats, fish and dry foods fresh. To go back and read over part two click here.

For today’s post, we are going to cover a few miscellaneous tips that you might not have thought about, as well as a few general tips that will help with planning, organizing, etc.

Miscellaneous Food Saving Tips

Honey is a super nonperishable food, so never throw it out. If it crystallizes or becomes cloudy, just microwave on medium heat for about 10 seconds at a time. Also, if you want to get all the honey out of the bottle, again, microwave for about 10 seconds and the remaining honey can be easily transferred to another container.

Coffee should be stored in an airtight, opaque container. If you really want to stretch your dollars, buy coffee in whole bean form then grind enough for just one pot at a time.

Brown sugar should be kept in the freezer to prevent hardening. If your brown sugar has already hardened, you can either microwave it for a few seconds or rebag with a slice of bread or apple.

If you have fresh herbs, store them in whole bunches instead of individual pieces. After you wash your bunches, seal them in a ziplock bag and freeze. This storage method will keep the herbs really fresh tasting for about a month. When it’s time to use them, chop them while frozen to save time. They’ll defrost quickly when cooking.

General Food Saving Tips

Your refrigerator should always be kept between 38 – 40 F to keep your foods as fresh as possible without freezing them.

Before you go shopping, make a list. Take inventory of your pantry while making your list and only buy the things you need to finish making your meals.

Plan out your weekly recipes so that your shopping is easier and quicker.

When shopping, make sure you pay attention to the expiration dates on the items you buy. Avoid buying items that are soon to expire.

Plant a garden and try growing your own food. It makes for a great family activity and you’ll be more motivated to eat what you grow. If you grow too much food, give it away to friends, family, or even a local food bank.

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SHEAR ’15 Annual Meeting | NC Museum of History

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The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, or SHEAR, was established in 1977. It serves as the association for scholars that are dedicated to exploring the early US historical events that happened between 1776 and 1861. Their mission is to advance early republican period research and study among historians, teachers, students, and interested members of the public as well. SHEAR prides itself in upholding historical intellectual standards to the highest level, and they strive to ensure that all historical insights are appropriately shared with schools, museums, libraries, electronic media, public programming, archives, and industry publications.

Catering By Design had the great pleasure of catering the organization’s annual meeting that was held at the NC Museum of History. We wanted to share a few of our favorite event pictures from last weekend, but to see the entire gallery, please visit us on Pinterest. Click here to view the gallery.
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The event was so large that we had to set up two full buffet lines. We’re glad we did because there were many hungry historians at the event taking in all the displays and collections that the Museum of History has to offer.
 7-17 SHEAR MOH-1140 
Pictured above is our second buffet station that was set up along the NC State Highway Patrol display. This area gave the attendees a unique look back into the history of our NCSHP.
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And as you can see, there were plenty of guests enjoying both food stations.
 raleigh caterers 
The menu for the evening was a Southern Style feast. Featured above is our juicy BBQ Chicken, which is a big hit wherever we go. Other menu items consisted of Carolina Style Pulled Pork, with Eastern and Western Carolina BBQ Sauces and other hot sauces. For the sides, we served Gluten Free Penne Pasta Tossed with Portobellos, Roasted Red Peppers in Basil Cream Sauce, Creamy Cole Slaw, and Baked Beans.
 raleigh caterers 
Isn’t this a great shot of our freshly baked Yeast Rolls and Butter?
 raleigh caterers 
You cannot have a Southern feast without Banana Pudding for dessert. Needless to say, the out-of-state folks really enjoyed this NC favorite.

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Tips for Keeping Food Fresh, Continued

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Thanks for taking the time to join us for part two of our mini series on how to keep different types of foods fresher for longer periods of time. Our goal is to help you learn different methods for reducing food waste, as well as saving time and money. Part one discussed several tips on how to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, for longer periods of time. If you would like to go back and read part one, you can find it by clicking here. Today we are going to discuss other foods like eggs, meats and fish, breads and cereals, as well as cheese and other dairy products.

Eggs, Meats, and Fish

You should always keep eggs stored inside their original carton. To test an egg’s freshness, place it in a cup of water. If the egg is bad, it will float.

Keep all your meats and poultry in their original package as well. It should be cooked within two days unless you’re freezing it.

Smoked meats, such as bacon and ham, should be wrapped in a vinegar soaked cloth, then in wax paper, and stored in the fridge.

If you need to freeze extra opened bacon, it will keep for about a month.

Fish should be placed in a bag, and stored on top a bowl of ice in the fridge. Fish should be eaten ASAP. Fish can also be frozen and stored, or broiled and stored in the fridge.

Flour, Breads, Pasta, and Cereals

Before using flour, freeze it for 48 hours to kill any insect eggs that might have made it into the packaging. Thaw and place in an airtight container, then store it in a cool and dry spot, away from sunlight. If you have a problem with weevils in your flour, use a bay leaf as a natural bug repellent.

Do not put your bread in the refrigerator, or above it, as it will actually spoil quicker. Bread should be stored on a countertop in a tightly sealed bag or container.

When you have half eaten bags of cereal, boxes of pasta, or other dry foods, keep them in airtight containers after opening. This will prevent these items from going stale. You can use mason jars for easy organizable containers.

Cheese and Other Dairy

You should take all of your cheese and wrap it in either cheese paper or wax paper before placing in the fridge. This will allow the cheese to breathe, all the while keeping excess moisture out. The paper will also prevent any cheese odor from making your fridge smelly. If you have a cut block of cheese, rub butter on the ends to prevent it from drying out. Cheese can also be frozen for later use as well.

Items like cottage cheese and sour cream should placed in the fridge, in their own container, upside down. Turning the containers over makes an internal vacuum seal that prevents the growth of bacteria that can cause these foods to spoil.

Butter can be frozen and stored for up to six months in the freezer. So, go ahead and stock up on it when it’s on sale! Just pack it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Never store milk in the door. Every time it’s opened, the milk gets a little warmer which can make it spoil quicker. Milk should be stored in the middle, or main part of the fridge.

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Tips for Keeping Food Fresh

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If you’ve been following our blog, you might remember that we published a few posts regarding how to store food in your refrigerator, as well as things that you can do at home to stop wasting so much food. Today, we’re going to continue along that theme with tips that you can try that should help you keep all of your food fresher, for longer periods of time. After all, having your food stay fresher longer means less waste, and fewer trips to the grocery store.

Let’s check them out below.

Fruits and Veggies

Apples should be kept away from other foods because they give off ethylene gas. This makes other foods spoil prematurely. When apples get too soft, cook them!

Wash berries in water with just a bit of vinegar before storing to kill bacteria and other spores. Your blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries should also be stored in their plastic container or you can use a resealable plastic bag. Keep the berries in the back area of the refrigerator.

Do not separate your bananas until you plan to eat them as they spoil slower when in a bunch. Also, keep them at room temperature, out of the fridge, until they ripen. When bananas get too ripe, freeze for later and make banana bread or muffins.

Your crisper drawer should be lined with paper towels to absorb any excess moisture that creates vegetable rot.

Do not store your avocados in a bag, this will cause them to rapidly ripen. However, if you need to quickly ripen an avocado, do place it in a bag.

Lettuce needs the extra moisture to keep from dehydrating so wrap it in damp paper towels and store in a plastic bag. Slightly wilted lettuce can be soaked in ice water to crisp leaves up before serving.

Celery, carrots and radishes should be chopped and stored in a little bit of water in the fridge. This will extend their freshness and crispness.

Scallions also like to be stored in water, but at room temp. Place a jar of them on your counter and they’ll keep growing as you snip off the ends.

Other leafy greens like kale, collards and Swiss chard should also be stored in a glass of water, with their ends trimmed, and a loose bag over the top.

Follow the same instructions for asparagus, just leave the tips unbagged.

You should also wrap your fresh mushrooms in paper towels to prevent them from getting slimy.

Store fresh garlic in a bag or basket unsealed. Sealing it will create too much moisture.

If your tomatoes are about to go bad, slice or chunk them and roast for a few minutes. Then store them in the fridge in some olive oil. This will extend their life for about a week.

For summer and winter squash, just rub each whole piece with vegetable oil and store them in the pantry. This will preserve them for several months.

Be sure to join back with us for part two where we will post more tips to help you keep your dairy products, meats, and fish fresh.

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Summer Dinner Party Ideas

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The warmer weather just screams for us to be outside enjoying it. Regardless of whether it’s day or night, just being outside is so nice and relaxing. These next few months are perfect for hosting an outdoor summer dinner party. However, throwing a dinner party for your friends and family can be a little stressful. After all, there’s a lot of planning that has to take place for one to be successful. What you are going to serve, how you are going to decorate, incorporate a theme, whether your guests will have fun, these are things that will worry you the most when trying to map it all out.

We’ve got a few great tips on how you can have a great summer dinner party that all of your friends will enjoy.

Summer Dinner Party Tips

First off, before you plan your menu you’ll need to decide on whether or not you’re going to incorporate a theme. Themes can be good and bad. They’re really fun but can also require a lot more planning. Your theme could be something like breakfast for dinner, or tastes of India, then you could also have themes modeled after favorite television shows like “Mad Men” or “Downton Abbey”. You can also model your themes after sporting events like baseball or NASCAR.

After settling in on your theme, move on over to your menu. Your menu should be something fun and easy that goes along with your theme. Use Google to search for recipes that will complement your theme. You’ll be amazed at the resources you have available at your fingertips.

Make sure you send out your invitations with lots of time for RSVPing. You’ll want your guests to have enough time to make plans to get a sitter if this is not a kid friendly event. Plus, you’ll need enough time to get an accurate headcount before you head to the grocery store. Include any special instructions for your guests, such as if it’s a BYOB affair, or if you would like guests to bring a dessert.

Next, when it’s time for the event, have a place for your guests to mingle. You’re probably not going to have everything ready to go right away so having a meeting and socializing space for everyone to hang out until your ready to serve is ideal. Otherwise, you’ll have lots of people in the kitchen trying to “help” out. Having an outside bar setup is a perfect option to keep your guests occupied. You can set up a nice table with ice, glasses or cups, and all your mixers and garnishes.

When it’s time to eat, make sure all of your guests have enough seating and plenty of eating space to enjoy the meal you’ve cooked. Light music is ok to play in the background just as long as it doesn’t interfere with everyone’s conversations.

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Different Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

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Ahhh watermelon. The unofficial, official fruit of the summer months. Especially here in the South, summer just isn’t summer without enjoying a slice of this juicy fruit. Watermelon never fails to hit the right spot on a hot day.

What a lot of folks don’t understand, is that watermelon is actually a really healthy fruit. It’s way more than just sugar and water, and a whole lot of seeds. As a matter of fact, watermelons are packed full of vitamins A, B and C, and contain more lycopene than almost any other fruit or veggie. Lycopene is really good for you and it has also been linked to helping reduce the risks of developing certain types of cancer, like prostate cancer.

Sometimes, however, consumers shy away from adding watermelon to their grocery carts in fear of food waste, regardless of the nutritional value. Many people think that one watermelon is just too much food for one family to handle at a time. If you think outside the box, and continue reading this post, we’ll share lots of different ways that you can use leftover watermelon to suit breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.

How to Eat a Watermelon

A lot of you are probably wondering how you can eat a watermelon other than cutting into slices, or chunks to serve as a snack. We’re here to tell you that there’s a whole watermelon world out there just waiting for your tastebuds. For instance, watermelon pairs great with basil and feta. You can use the fruit to make a savory salad, or summery bruschetta. Not to mention that you can use watermelon in all sorts of adult beverages or smoothies.

Grilled – Yes, you can actually grill watermelon. The smokey flavor and the sweetness make a great pair. All you really need to do is just lightly grill your melon slices until they’re warm and have grill marks. Then season with a little salt, and some red chili flakes and you’re all set.

Salsa – Need a great way to spice up your summer salsa? Add watermelon for a touch of sweetness. Sweet and spicy go together hand and hand. Plus, nothing brightens up a dish like fresh fruit.

Chilled Soup – Watermelon makes the perfect base for your summer chilled soup. A chilled watermelon soup, like a Gazpacho, combined with tomato, basil, and Thai chiles will be a big hit for brunch, or dinner.

These are just a few of the many different ways you and your family can enjoy watermelon on a hot summer day. Keep checking back with us weekly for more exciting summer tips and recipes.

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Catering for USA Baseball

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The USA Baseball National Training Complex at Thomas Brooks Park is located in Cary, N.C. This amazing complex opened its doors in 2007 and is situated on 221 acres. Thomas Brooks Park also offers four baseball fields, including a stadium field and three separate training fields. Every field at Thomas Brooks park is maintained to the MLB, or Major League Baseball, standards. The park is massive and seats almost 2,000 fans when you include the grass hill.

For almost the entire month of June, Catering By Design had the honor of feeding the USA National Teams as they competed in various games and tournaments. For today’s post, we wanted to share a few pictures from one of the games we got to attend. It was a great opportunity to see a few of the professional players, the Collegiate National Team, as well as the Under 18 National Team. Several international teams were also in attendance. For instance we got a chance to mingle with both Cuban and Chinese players from these teams.

If you’d like to see the entire gallery of pictures, as always, please visit us on Pinterest.

 6-25-15-USA Baseball-1095 

You have to keep the team as healthy as possible. Featured above is a Fresh Seasonal Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots. The salads were finished off with our homemade House and Vinaigrette Dressings.

 raleigh caterers 

Tonight’s dinner was also full of other Southern favorites. Featured above was our homemade Creamy Coleslaw.

 raleigh caterers 

Next on the list was something everybody loves – Macaroni and Cheese.

 raleigh caterers 

For the veggies, the team enjoyed Country Green Beans with Onions.

 raleigh caterers 

The main course featured Chopped Pork BBQ with Rolls. The BBQ was served with different Tangy BBQ Sauces.

 raleigh caterers 

For dessert, a homemade Oreo Chocolate Mousse had everyone coming back for seconds.

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The Historic Mims House | New Wedding Venue

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The Leslie-Alford-Mims House is a historic wedding venue, built in 1840, located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. This charming property offers brides and grooms a breathtaking experience as they walk through history during their big wedding day. Romantic and timeless, the Leslie-Alford-Mims House features a sprawling white mansion that sits on more than an acre of land. This venue is one of a kind as it combines a rich history with modern style and grace.

Priscilla and Brooke, new caretakers of the property, have really shown their expertise renovating this 175 year old property. Recently they held an open house so the public, and newly engaged couples, could see all the beautiful upgrades. Catering By Design was lucky enough to be chosen as one of their highlighted vendors for the event. We had a grand time serving the guests at the Leslie-Alford-Mims House and wanted to share a few of our favorite pictures. To see the entire gallery from this lovely open house, please visit us on Pinterest.

 raleigh catering 

For the event, guests enjoyed a beautiful table of some of our favorite hors d’oeuvres. Here you’ll see the night’s lineup of Grilled Tuscan, Pita, and Focaccia Breads. These were paired with our homemade Hummus, Olivada and Tomato Basil spreads.

 raleigh catering 

Featured above are miniature Garlic Cheddar Biscuits that were stuffed with Country Ham.

 raleigh catering 

Here are our world famous miniature Phyllo Cups that were stuffed with shredded Chicken, Red Peppers, Red Onions, Mangos and fresh Cilantro. These little bites pack large flavors and are a huge hit wherever we go. It’s hard to not eat them all and share with the guests when I’m within 10 feet of them. Guests also enjoyed summertime lemonade and ice-cold water to cool them off on this hot June afternoon.

The Best Raleigh Catering | Catering By Design

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Backyard Beach Parties

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raleigh cateringIt’s that time of the year again. Yep, summer is here. Around here, July typically means celebrating the 4th, vacations, hanging out at the pool, heading to the beach, and backyard barbeques. Unfortunately, some people cannot make it out of town to visit the coast and don’t have access to a nice sized pool. That doesn’t mean that you have to be left out.

Even if you don’t leave near a beach, or have a pool, you can get a little creative and still have your own backyard beach party. Hosting a beach party in your backyard is a great way to get all your friends and family together to have some great summer fun. Check out these awesome tips to learn how you can transform your backyard into a mini oasis.

Kiddie Pools

Some of you are lucky. You either have access to your own backyard pool, or a nice sized community pool where you can relax. What do you do if you do not have either? Kiddie pools. These are great for multiple reasons. Today, these pools come in lots of different sizes as well. Fill them up with water and have at it. You can even take a few kiddie pools and fill them up with sand to make play areas for kids, or adults.

Filling up your backyard with sand to make a beach would impress your neighbors. It’ll also be a pain to clean up and it will probably kill all of your grass. If you want to use sand to make beachy areas, we suggest using a big tarp and some lawn edgers to make borders. Do your best to keep the sand contained as much as possible.


A beach party is all about fun. You need to have some activities that everyone will enjoy, especially if there will be kids in attendance. Use beach inspired games to get you started. Volleyball, frisbee, and badminton are all great choices. You can also set up corn hole boards and horseshoes. If you have the room, pick up a “Slip-n-Slide”. These are always a big hit with both adults and kids. Not enough room? Pick up some cheap garden sprinklers. People of all ages love to run through sprinklers.

When you’re out shopping, also pick up plenty of water guns and water balloons. Water balloons can be a little extra work but the fun is well worth it. Just be aware that you’ll have some extra trash to pick up.

As the night winds down, break out the firepit and roast marshmallows for making s’mores. This will be a wonderful way to end the party.

Decor Ideas

Go as crazy as you like. It’s your party. Check out your local dollar store, or party supply store. They should have plenty of tablecloths, hanging banners, tiki torches, grass skirts, etc. Maybe even pick up some coconuts from your local grocery store. Use them as decor at first, then crack them open and enjoy. Nothing says beach party like coconut drinks with mini umbrellas.

Make sure you have plenty of lawn chairs and seating space for your guests. If you need chairs, ask your guests to bring their own. You should also make sure your guests have plenty of shade. It can get hot in July and everyone will need a chance to get out of the sun.

Finally, play some good tunes. Beach inspired or “surfer tunes” are great for any beach party.

Drinks and Food

For the adults, have some fruity drinks like pina coladas, daiquiris, and margaritas. Also, for the men, have a good selection of beer available. Be sure to have plenty of water and non-alcoholic options as well. Lemonade and sweet tea are the preferred choices in the South.

For the food, just keep it light and easy. Having a potluck is also a great option so all the cooking doesn’t just fall on you. Have a grill? Hotdogs and burgers should be your go-to, especially if you’re expecting a lot of people. You can also hire a food truck. These are all the rage, are very fun and interactive, plus you’re sure to find something everyone will like. You can also go with Raleigh Catering services. A company like Catering By Design would be an excellent choice.

Highly Affordable Raleigh Catering

Want to have your own summer beach party? Call Catering By Design for excellent Raleigh catering services. We’ve got great menus for all sized events. The only thing better than our food is our prices and customer service. Don’t need full service catering? We even deliver. Call us today and ask up about all of our awesome catering services.

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