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Perfect Mojito Recipe for Summer

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raleigh caterers for summer events

Summer is finally here! It’s the perfect time of the year for going to the beach, having a pool party, a good ole fashioned backyard barbecue, or just a refreshing beverage on a hot night with all of your friends. Serving up the perfect Mojito will be sure to impress anyone that’s thirsty.

Not sure what a Mojito is? It’s a traditional Cuban cocktail. Mojitos have become pretty trendy here in the U.S. over the past few years. To make an original Mojito, you really only need five simple ingredients. These are white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint leaves.

Today’s post will teach you how to make one of the best Mojitos that would leave even a native of Cuba impressed with your skills. We’ve geared this recipe up to make 10 servings. After all, it’s never good to drink alone.

This recipe really only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and is generally ready to serve in 10 minutes.

100 – fresh mint leaves
5 – limes, cut into 4 wedges
1-1/4 – cups white sugar, or to taste
10 – cups ice cubes
1-3/4 – cups and 2 tablespoons white rum
5 – cups club soda


First, line up your glasses in two rows. Make sure you use somewhat sturdy glasses. Next place 10 mint leaves and 1 lime wedge in each glass. Use something to muddle and crush the mint leaves and lime together. This will release the mint oils and lime juice. Now you’ll need to add 2 more lime wedges and the sugar. Muddle again to release more lime juice.

Don’t strain this mixture, instead fill your glass with ice until it’s almost full. Add the rum, and fill the remainder of the glass with the club soda. Stir everything together and taste. Add more sugar if needed and garnish with a lime wedge.

Raleigh Caterers Pro Tip: Granulated sugar sometimes does not mix well. We suggest making a simple syrup with 1 part sugar 1 part water. Combine, and bring to a boil. To really jazz it up, add 10 or so mint leaves, and half a lime into the pot and let this mixture simmer for about 20 minutes. You now have a fantastic mojito syrup to enjoy instead of using regular sugar. You can even make enough of this to store in your refrigerator ahead of time.

If you really want to get fancy, buy some real sugarcane and slice it up and serve as a garnish. Your guests can use these to muddle their own mint leaves.

The Best Raleigh Caterers for Summer

The best Raleigh caterers for summer are just a phone call away when you contact the professionals at Catering By Design. We’ve got the best menus for any of your summertime events. From weddings, renewals, and anniversary parties, to corporate events, awards banquets, block parties, and more, Catering By Design can make sure your food and fun are on point. We’ve been serving up smiles to people all over North Carolina for decades. So give us a call today and see why we’re the number one choice for Raleigh caterers!

(Recipe Source: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/the-real-mojito/?scale=10&ismetric=0)

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Common Mistakes in Event Planning

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Raleigh catering

Planning an event takes a lot of work, organization, and resources. If you are not careful, you’ll have budget overruns, bad scheduling, and missed deliveries. There are ways that you can bypass a huge disaster by avoiding a few common mistakes. Take a look at the list we put together and be sure to not do these things.

Setup Time – One big mistake that lots of event planners make is not allowing enough time to set everything up. If there is always a rush to get all the details taken care of before the event starts then you need to do a better job estimating the time it takes to complete these tasks. Be sure to plan ahead for delays and get everyone working there early. You do not want to have a room full of workers trying to finish up while the guests are arriving. You should strive to have all the tasks completed at least 15 minutes before the event is timed to start.

Not Enough Help – We know that labor costs can be high, and that you’re probably trying to save budget money as well. However, do not cut yourself short by not having enough help to get all the tasks completed on event day. Just like not having enough time, not having enough help is just as bad, if not worse. Not having enough help is actually considered to be worse than running over your budget, as short help can ruin your event. Don’t be scared to spend a few extra hundred dollars on additional help to ensure your event runs smoothly. You can always send home any hourly help early if they’re not needed.

No Plan-B – Do not ignore Murphy’s Law. You know the one that says that anything that can wrong, will go wrong? Take that approach and do not get caught without having a backup plan in place. Do everything from planning for bad weather, to having to move your venue all together. Try to have a contingency for every step of the way.

Confirm Your Vendors – Finally do not forget to confirm with all of your vendors. Most vendors have multiple events each day, so be sure they remember yours. You should always strive to get either verbal, or email confirmation from all of your vendors 48 – 72 hours in advance. This will save you a ton of headaches.

Affordable Raleigh Catering Services

Do you need high quality, yet affordable Raleigh catering for your next event? Call Catering By Design today. You’ll love our prices, services, and food. We have menus that are great for any event; large, small, formal or casual, we can help. Don’t need full service catering? Ask about our delivery service. We just drop the food off and leave if that’s all you need. Give us a call with any questions about our delivery catering services for Raleigh and the surrounding area. Let Catering By Design be your Raleigh catering service of choice.

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Merz Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Governor McCrory

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Merz USA is a specialty healthcare company. They are dedicated to researching, developing and marketing innovative products for both physicians and patients in the U.S, as well as Canada. Merz recently celebrated the grand opening of their North American Headquarters and Catering By Design had the honor and pleasure of being the Raleigh corporate catering company of choice. Governor McCrory and Mayor McFarlane were in attendance to officiate the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This event was a really big milestone for Raleigh and the entire state of North Carolina! That’s why we wanted to bring you some of our favorite pictures from the event to share. As always, you can find the entire gallery of pictures on our Pinterest page by clicking here. If you need high quality, affordable Raleigh corporate catering, please give Catering By Design a call today with any questions.

affordable raleigh corporate catering
We had a full menu for this big event. We started everyone off with a tray of international and domestic Cheeses with gourmet Crackers and a Fresh Fruit Garnish. This was followed by a colorful tray of Fresh Sliced Fruits with lots of pineapple and strawberries that were paired with a summery Yogurt Sauce. Pictured above was a special table featuring different types of Pimento Cheese served over Crostini.

We also stacked the deck with every hors d’oeuvres you could possibly imagine. Our butlers were kept busy serving delicious bites all afternoon.

affordable raleigh corporate catering
Featured above are Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle. These healthy apps are perfect for summer and any event where the guests are up and moving around.

Below you’ll find one of my personal favorites, our famous Phyllo Cup stuffed with Grilled Chicken, Mango and Cilantro. These miniatures pack a lot of flavor in one small bite.

affordable raleigh corporate catering
If you need a wonderful option for a summer appetizer, you can never go wrong with Ahi Tuna on a Wonton Chip. This crowd favorite was served with our homemade Wasabi Aioli.

affordable raleigh corporate catering
Featured below is another hit for summer, Pesto Shrimp on a Fun and Edible Spoon. Edible spoons are great because they require no cleanup!

affordable raleigh corporate catering
These favorites only scratched the surface of what we served to the guests. Not pictured are our Chicken Cornucopia, Steak Fiesta Blossoms, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites, and Garlic Cheddar Biscuits with Country Ham with Bistro Sauce.

The buffet started off with a table of Assorted Grilled Pita, Focaccia and Tuscan Breads that was paired with an assortment of Hot Spinach Artichoke, Pimento Cheese with Jalapeno, Pimento Cheese, Hummus and Tomato Basil Spreads. This was followed by another Southern favorite – Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese Aioli.

Then, guests enjoyed the two interactive slider stations. Diners were able to make their own Pulled Pork sliders complete with Creamy Cole Slaw, Northern and Southern BBQ Sauces on Miniature Kaiser Rolls. There was also a Mini Fondue Station where guests were able to skewer assorted sausages and dip them in hot melted cheese.

Needless to say, even the Governor and Mayor were impressed!

Top Rated Raleigh Corporate Catering

When you need affordable, yet highly rated Raleigh corporate catering, call Catering By Design for all of your menu needs. We’ve been serving up smiles all across N.C. for decades and our staff of trained professionals understand exactly what it takes to make your event successful. Please give us a call today and ask about our Lunch and Learn program. This program is great for businesses that want to get to know us, and our food.

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Summer Squash Recipes

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Raleigh catering

Squash Soup Recipe

If you are looking for a great summery recipe to serve your family or friends, this pureed summer squash soup makes for a great first course, brunch, or lunch dish. This recipe is really easy to make and you’ll only need about 45 – 50 minutes to get everything completed. You can expect prep to take 35 minutes and then cooking takes 15 – 20. These instructions make 8 servings, if you only need 4 servings then cut everything in half.


2 – large, chopped sweet onions
1 – chopped medium leek, use the white portion only
2 – tablespoons of olive oil
6 – minced garlic cloves
6 – medium, seeded and cubed, yellow summer squash
4 – cups low-sodium chicken broth
4 – sprigs of fresh thyme
1/4 – teaspoon of kosher salt
2 – tablespoons of lemon juice
1/8 – teaspoon of hot pepper sauce
1 – tablespoon of shredded Parmesan
2 – teaspoons of grated lemon peel


Take your large saucepan and heat your oil over medium. Add your onions and leeks and sauté until tender. Next, add the garlic and cook for about 1 minute and then add the squash and continue to sauté for an additional 5 minutes. Now you’ll stir in the broth, thyme and salt, and bring everything to a boil. Lower to a simmer and cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the squash is tender. Remove the thyme sprigs and transfer this mixture to your blender in batches. Process everything until the soup has a silky smooth texture. Return all the processed soup back to your saucepan, stir in the lemon juice and hot pepper sauce, and thoroughly heat. Garnish with cheese and lemon peel.

(Source: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/yellow-squash-soup)

Summer Squash Pizza

Summer is the perfect time for being outside and grilling. Why not try your hand at a grilled summer squash pizza? This pizza recipe is an awesome healthy alternative that works great as a simple appetizer or full meal. Serve with a fresh salad of seasonal greens with a ripe watermelon for dessert! These instructions will make about 8 servings if you keep the serving size down to 1 slice. The cooking time really depends on how long you need to prep your grill, otherwise the actually cooking of the pizza takes between 10 and 15 minutes.


1 – teaspoon olive oil
1 – teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1/8 – teaspoon salt
1/8 – teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 – medium zucchini, cu into 1/4-inch-thick lengthwise slices
1 – medium yellow squash, cut into 1/4-inch-thick lengthwise slices
1 – can of cooking spray
1 – 12-inch pre-made pizza crust
2 – plum tomatoes, cut into 1/8-inch-thick slices
1/4 – cup of finely grated pecorino Romano cheese
2 – tablespoons of thinly sliced fresh basil
1/2 – teaspoon of finely chopped fresh oregano


First prepare the grill and get it hot and ready. While the grill is heating up, take a large mixing bowl and combine the oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, zucchini and summer squash slices. Gently toss the slices to give them a nice coating. Spray the grill rack with nonstick spray, place each slice on the rack, and grill for about 2 minutes on each side, or until each slice is tender. Reduce the grill temp to medium.

While the grill is cooling down some, coat the pizza crust with non-stick spray. Grill the crust for about 1 minute on each side, or until it has been toasted to your liking. Next, take your squash and zucchini slices and arrange them on the crust. Overlay this arrangement with tomatoes and then cover with the pecorino Romano cheese. Grill the entire pizza for about 5 minutes, or until it has been thoroughly heated. Garnish with fresh basil and oregano.

(Source: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/summer-squash-pizza)

Affordable Raleigh Catering Services

Do you need affordable Raleigh catering services for your next event? Call Catering By Design! We have awesome prices and offer world-class customer service. Our menus are perfect for events of all sizes, and types. Large, small, formal or casual, our prices and packages cannot be beat. We can even deliver your order and leave if you do not require full service catering. Let Catering By Design be your Raleigh catering service of choice. Give us a call today to get on our schedule!

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How to Store Food in Your Refrigerator

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Catering Raleigh NC

Want to stop wasting so much food? Well, one way you can help yourself is by organizing your refrigerator. In our previous post, we talked about a few general practices that you can start doing at home to prevent throwing out so much food each month. You can go back and read that post by clicking here. Today we’re going to continue talking about how to properly store the food you buy in your fridge.

There is actually a right and wrong way to pack your fridge full of food. Putting the right items on the right shelf can really make a huge impact on your cold storage items staying fresher for longer periods of time. Allowing your food to keep longer will help you save money on your monthly grocery bill too. You’ll be throwing out less, and buying less, making it possible to really see some good savings.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the average American wastes about 25% of the food and drinks they buy each month. This can translate to thousands of wasted dollars. However, the way we store our food has a lot to do with how often we have to discard it. Learning how to organize your refrigerator can really help in this department, especially since most of the food we toss are cold things.

Top Shelf – The top part of the fridge is usually the warmest. For this reason, use this shelf for pre-prepared foods such as yogurt, cheese or sauces.

Middle Shelf – This is a great place to keep your cooked meat and sealed containers of leftovers. If you have room, keep your milk and eggs here too. Do not keep the milk or eggs in the door racks where the items are subjected to constant temp changes.

Bottom Shelf – This shelf, being the coldest part of the fridge, is perfect for your raw meat, fish and poultry. This shelf also helps prevent the risk of raw juices dripping onto other food items and spoiling them.

Salad Crisper – This is your perfect spot to store fruit and vegetables. Some crispers even come with humidity controls. This will allow you to retain the moisture that certain vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and carrots need to last longer.

Door – You have to be careful with the things you store in the door. This is because you are constantly opening and closing it. We suggest using the door racks to store your condiments, jams, sodas and fruit juice. If you have a lidded compartment on the inside of your door, keep the butter or margarine here so that it stays extra protected from the temp changes.

Affordable Catering Raleigh NC Services

If you are in need of affordable catering Raleigh NC services, call Catering By Design for the best prices in the Triangle. Our menus are perfect all events, regardless of whether it is large, small, formal or casual. If you do not require full service catering, we can deliver your order and leave. Please, call us today with any questions about our delivery, or other catering Raleigh NC services. We’d love a chance to cook for you, your family, or friends.

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Stop Wasting Food!

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Stop Wasting Food!

Drought is taking root all across the world and we need to start doing our part a lot better. As Americans, we waste a lot; sometimes too much! This is especially true when it comes to wasting good food. We take food for granted. For the majority of us, we can just go the local grocery store and get what we want, when we need it. Lots of times we buy things that we never even eat and wind up throwing them away when they spoil. The amount of food that gets tossed out is insane. These wasteful habits are not eco-friendly at all. Plus, with the economy in a constant state of flux, saving money is a good idea for all families and businesses.

Thanks to a recent study by the National Resources Defense Council, about 25% of the food and drinks we buy get thrown away. This means that a family of four will waste about $2,000 worth of food. Even though the average percentage of food spending has dramatically decreased over the past few decades, it still remains the third-largest monthly expense for households.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips that should allow you to cut back on your wasteful food habits!

Have a Food Plan – This might sound confusing but it’s really not. Having a food plan is a great way to keep your family organized, healthy, and happy. A food plan will also allow for you to use less food than you need too. Your food plan should be a combo of your meals that you want to cook during the week, as well as your grocery list. This might not sound like a fun task, and sometimes it isn’t. If you take some time over the weekend to get your planning and shopping completed, you’ll free up a lot of extra time during the week.

Getting it all done at once will save you several trips to the grocery store and back. That’s a lot of time and gas money saved right off the bat. Get yourself a few good recipe books, a monthly planner (or smartphone app), and start planning away. As you’re writing out your weekly meal plans, start taking inventory of what you have already that needs to be eaten first, and then make your grocery list.

Stick to Your Grocery List – Going to the grocery store, especially when hungry, can lead to overspending on food that we do not really need, or even actually want in some cases. This is one of the biggest reasons why making a food plan and grocery list is important. When you go grocery shopping, make a commitment to not stray from your grocery list. Stick to it and forgo the random impulse buys. Also, buying in bulk is not always the best route. This can lead to buying too many of the same item which can lead to spoilage and food rot. Be aware of your spending habits and if you only need 2 potatoes, forget buying the large discounted bag.

The Right Food Storage - We waste a lot of food due to poor organization and storage practices. Failing to put meat in the freezer is also key to premature food loss. Please take the time to get your pantry well organized. This will always help you when making your grocery list so that you don’t buy duplicate items. Be wary of where you place certain food items in the fridge. For instance, do not keep eggs and milk in the door section because when you open the door these items lose the most temperature control.

Environmentally Focused Raleigh Caterers | Catering By Design

When we waste food, we waste more than money. We waste the resources, such as water, that it takes to actually grow the food, we waste people’s time and energy getting it to the local stores for us to buy, and we waste a valuable resource that some people in the world fight for every day. We hope this post will help you change the way you feel about throwing out food the next time you clean out your fridge.

Catering By Design is one of the top, eco-friendly Raleigh caterers. We have menus and prices for all sized events. Please call us today with any questions or to learn more.

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Western Wake Woman’s Club Fundraiser | The Frontier

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The Western Wake Woman’s Club, as it’s now known, was formerly called the Cary Junior Woman’s Club. It was founded in 1950 by a group of women that were dedicated to improving the lives of others. This was accomplished through volunteer service and giving back to the community. Today, Western Wake Woman’s club members continue the work of their founders by actively serving people living in the western portion of Wake County.

The WWWC is part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. This is an international federation of junior and senior women’s clubs. Their purpose is to help organizations like the Western Wake Woman’s Club. This helps these smaller clubs serve the community and provide better opportunities.

The WWWC’s mission is “To unite women within western Wake County in friendship; to promote education, civic and philanthropic work, emphasizing local charities; and to provide opportunities for leadership development and personal growth for the benefit of both our members and our community.” They also have a very clear vision. That is to be dedicated to “bettering the local community and enhancing the lives of its members through leadership and volunteer service opportunities.”

Catering By Design had the pleasure of being a sponsor at their unveiling event and fundraiser recently. This event was held to celebrate their new club name, as well as to raise awareness, and funds, for the Western Wake Crisis Ministry. Check out the highlights from the event below. If you would like to see the entire gallery of pictures, please visit our Pinterest board for special event catering.

raleigh caterers

We were able to get the guests started off with a gigantic Hors d’ Oeuvre Buffet. These heavy finger foods helped keep all the guests smiling as they made their bids on the items being auctioned off. The buffet featured many items, such as Imported and Domestic Cheeses, and Assorted Gourmet Crackers with a Seasonal Fresh Fruit Garnish. The heavier menu choices consisted of Parmesan Crusted Chicken Bites, served with a handmade Apricot Mustard Dipping Sauce, as well as, Summery Springs Rolls with Sesame Ginger Dipping Sauce, and our famous Beef Wrapped Portobellos with Sesame Ginger Demi Glaze.

raleigh caterers

Featured here, from the buffet, are our Chilled, Marinated and Grilled Vegetables. This dish makes for a colorful array of healthy snacks.

raleigh caterers

Above, you’ll see our fresh Grilled Tuscan, Pita and Focaccia Breads. The breads were paired with several of our homemade spreads. Everyone always seems to rave about our Humus, fresh Tomato Basil, and Olivada.

Raleigh Caterers for Fundraising | Catering By Design

When discussing all of the Raleigh Caterers, Catering By Design should be at the top of your list. We’re the Triangle’s experts for food, fantastic flavors, and fun events. Please call us today for all of your special event catering needs. We can also help you with everything from your fundraising, choosing an event location, and we can even provide you with table linens, full bar service, or a simple delivery. We’ve been one of the top Raleigh caterers for years, so call us today and ask us about our special event catering specials.

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Things to Avoid Before Your Wedding

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wedding catering Raleigh NCGetting married soon? Still in the planning process? Did you know that there are things that you want to avoid the week before your big day? Even though the week before might sound like plenty of time pre-wedding, do some planning and get things done early so you’re not left scrambling.

As many brides are well aware, there are many things that you need to do in advance so you can relax the week before and enjoy yourself. Check out these things below and be sure to divert yourself from them.

Don’t Change Your Look – Some think that their wedding day is the perfect time to try something new. However, avoid changing your look the week before. You might hate it and then what are you going to do? If you want to experiment with your look, do it months before your big day so you have plenty of time to make corrections, or let your hair grow back out.

Extreme Dieting and Exercising – If you want to lose weight and get in shape, do not wait until the week before your wedding. It will not work and you will regret trying the quick fix solutions. Start your diet early, and have a workout plan ready. If you try to starve yourself in the days before your wedding, you might not even have enough energy to walk down the aisle, or enjoy your reception. The same actually goes for partying and drinking too much beforehand too. You’ll be a hot mess if you show up to your wedding hungover.

Just like dieting, don’t try to start an intensive exercise regime right before your wedding. If you’ve ever exercised before, you know what sore muscles feel like. How fun does that sound to have to deal with all this pain on your wedding day? Plus, you could injure yourself which will really ruin your chances of having a fun wedding.

More DIY – DIY weddings and projects are all the rage, thanks to Pinterest. If you want to participate in this trend, it’s best to get started very early. You’ll be surprised how limited your craft skills may actually be so you might need to have some extra time available in case you need a backup plan. You really do not want to be up until the wee hours of the morning the night before your wedding hot gluing centerpieces.

Affordable Wedding Catering Raleigh | Catering By Design

Do you need the best rated wedding catering Raleigh NC services for your big day? Please call Catering By Design today for a free menu tasting! We’re one of the most highly rated, and affordable, catering companies in central North Carolina. We have wedding menus that can be fully customized. We have the best prices and customer service in the Triangle. Give us a call today to schedule your free tasting.

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Why You Should Renew Your Vows

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Raleigh caterers Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Want to celebrate a little differently this year? Why not renew your wedding vows instead of having the same old fashioned party? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 20 years, or 2, reaffirming your love is a great way to show your commitment to each other.

Renewing your wedding vows offers you lots of benefits that you might not have had on your original wedding day. For one, it’s not a legally binding ceremony so you don’t have to worry about any wedding paperwork. You can go as big, or as small as you like. You have just as many, or more choices for venues, themes, decor, etc. There are also several wedding vendors that offer special packages for wedding vow renewals. All it takes is a little research and planning.

Your favorite of all the Raleigh caterers, Catering By Design has put together a few reasons why you should reaffirm your wedding vows.

Love Declaration - Most newlyweds are wrapped up in love and romance for the first year or so, so do not renew too soon. Wait awhile and make it special. If you’re celebrating your fifth, tenth, or twentieth anniversary, then this is a great option for you and your spouse. In lots of ways, your love has grown deeper over the years. Share this love by recommitting.

Take Another Shot - When you first got married, you might not have had the finances to have the wedding that you always wanted. Maybe things did not go as planned and you had to revert to “plan B.” Here is your chance to make the memories that you always wanted. Write your own renewal vows, have your children participate, you can even include your pets if you wish. Take this chance to make your wedding dreams come true.

Updated Photos – Are your wedding day photos outdated? Did they not come out right or the way you intended? Renewing your wedding vows is the perfect opportunity to take a second chance at getting photos you’re proud to share. You might have a little more money these days so hiring a professional wedding photographer might finally be in your budget. With today’s technology, you can share the images on social media without having to use a picture scanner.

Have a Celebration - The biggest reason we can come up with is just to have a wonderful celebration to mark your big milestone. After all, we are not guaranteed any time on this Earth so make the best of it. Show your love and commitment to each other by celebrating in style.

Award Winning Raleigh Caterers | Catering By Design

If you’re considering renewing your vows, please consider the best of all of the Raleigh caterers by calling Catering By Design. Just take a look at our menus, we have one for any occassion and they’re fully customizable to your dietary needs. Call us today to learn more.

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High School Graduation Party Tips

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Catering Raleigh NCHigh school graduation is an exciting time of the year. Young people are beginning a new chapter in their lives and transitioning into adulthood. This huge milestone in your graduate’s life can be celebrated in a number of ways. Just be sure that the guest of honor has fun, and he or she knows how proud you are of them! If you’re wanting to celebrate, one of the biggest questions can be, “When should I have the big party?” Catering By Design is here to help. We are one of the top catering Raleigh NC companies and we’ve got some great tips to help with these decisions.

Choosing a date for a graduation party can be harder than one would think, especially right after graduation weekend. There will probably be hundreds of these parties happening if you live in a decent sized city. So the big question remains, when is the best time to host a graduation celebration?

June is usually full of other graduation parties and if you’re behind on your planning, you might find that you have a lot of work ahead of you. Even finding a venue might be really difficult. If you find that all your top choices are unavailable, then consider planning something for July or August. No one says that you have to celebrate the day, or weekend of. You can also combine your July 4th party with your graduation celebration.

If your child is going away to college in August, then combine the parties and have a double congratulations event for celebrating graduation and being accepted to the university of their choice. If you cannot wait, then maybe choose your backyard, or the house of a family member that can accommodate the number of guests you’d like to have. You can even look into reserving a shelter at a local park, or possibly a reception hall at your local church.

When you get your date set, be sure to send out customized graduation party invitations. You can send out traditional ones by mail, or go hi-tech with an online invite. If you need to get your RSVPs quickly, online might be the way to go. Online invitations are also cheaper and can save you a lot of money on stationery and postage. Be sure to include all the pertinent details such as the location, time, date, and any other important details you guests should be aware of, such as parking or dress code requests (think bathing suits for a pool party).

For the day of the party, be sure to provide plenty of refreshments, games, and other entertainment. If you’re having the party during a meal time, consider catering Raleigh NC services by Catering By Design. We have the best menus for all of life’s grand occasions. A great entertainment idea would be to have a photobooth onsite so everyone can make some silly lasting memories before heading off to college, work, or the military.

Quality Catering Raleigh NC Services

If you are in need of affordable catering Raleigh NC services, call Catering By Design today. We have the perfect menus for any sized event, both large, small, formal or casual. We can even deliver the food and leave if you do not require full service catering. Give us a call with any questions about our delivery catering services for Raleigh and the surrounding area. We’d love a chance to cater your graduation party.

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