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Winter Weddings in Raleigh | Raleigh NC Wedding Catering

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Winter Weddings in Raleigh

Winter Weddings in Raleigh | Raleigh NC Wedding Catering

You might be surprised to find yourself holding a “Save the Date” for a winter wedding this fall but don’t be. In this economy, soon-to-be brides and grooms are looking for more and more ways to save money on the biggest day of their new lives together. The average cost for a wedding in the United States is over twenty five thousand dollars. That’s downright insane. Most weddings cost about as much as a new car, so looking for any and every way to save money has become a hot topic. For winter weddings in Raleigh, call Catering by Design. We have budget friendly menus that will guarantee you and your guests leave delighted and satisfied.


Winter weddings in Raleigh NC can work out for most any bride. Our city has several downtown venues that are perfect for your winter wonderland dream. The climate in NC is also mild enough during the winter that you’ll have little worry about snowy weather. Your out of town guests should have little issue with reaching our state for a winter wedding in Raleigh. There is also an abundance of hotels, eateries, and other entertainment options for your guests to enjoy while they are in town for your big day.


Since winter weddings in Raleigh are considered to be in the off season, you should be able to find several discounts on your wedding and reception venues. Wedding DJs, event planners, and caterers might all be running specials to drum up extra business during their slow wedding period. You’ll want to make sure you are not planning you wedding around one of the major winter holidays. This could turn into a logistical nightmare for you and your guests. You’ll also have to compete with event space. Other events could also be happening at the very same time as your wedding or reception. Make sure to ask your venue manager this question and plan accordingly.

winter weddings in raleigh nc


Winter weddings in Raleigh can be a lot of fun. You have so many options and themes for wedding decor that it’s insane. You could do a holiday themed wedding, a winter wonderland wedding, and so much more. Simple DIY holiday themed masks are so fun and the kids will love them. You can use tiny decorated trees as center pieces and ornaments as seat assignments. The ideas are endless.

If you are interested in winter weddings in Raleigh NC, please give us a call. We have been serving families for decades and have the team and experience to make your big day perfect. Check out our menus and then call us for a FREE tasting. We’ll be waiting with a smile.