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More Wedding Trend Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

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Believe it or not, there are some timeless and classic wedding trends. Using the wrong trends when planning your wedding can really date your big day when you take a look back in a few years. In our last post, we spoke about not using geometric ceremony backdrops, champagne towers, bad hashtags, bridesmaid dress colors, and more. Take a look at these wedding trends to avoid by clicking here. Below we’ll round out the series with a few more bad wedding trends to steer clear of in 2019. Do you need the best Raleigh NC wedding catering for a 2019 ceremony? Catering by Design can help you save time and money. Our clients love our fresh flavors, great customer service, and incredible catering packages. Don’t need full service? Ask us about our wedding catering delivery options.

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2019 Wedding Trends to Avoid

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes became really trendy with rustic wedding themes. We’re seeing them everywhere now. Naked cakes are too casual for elegant weddings. They just look unfinished, which, in a sense, they are supposed to be. Naked cakes also lack extra frosting causing the cake to prematurely dry out as well.

Oversized or Overcrowded Bridal Bouquets

Oversized bridal bouquets can look sloppy and be too big to hold and still look elegant. Smaller overcrowded bouquets look jam-packed and too compact. For a more elegant look, choose a loose and natural style with movement or a simple and refined arrangement.

Everything Overly Monogrammed

Using a monogram is classy and elegant. Overusing a monogram looks too repetitive. Avoid putting your monogram everywhere and on everything. Use your monogram sparingly, like on your wedding invites and cocktail napkins. Don’t make it the focal point of your decor and design elements.

Family Style Reception Meal

Having a family style meal for your rehearsal dinner is great. However, it can create problems for your reception meal. Large platters of food will overly crowd the table. This leaves very little room for your centerpieces. Furthermore, your wedding guests will be all dressed up in their fancy clothes. Don’t make them lift and pass food platters around the table to avoid a spill or accident.

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