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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Welcome to part two in our mini-series on how to go about saving a lot of money on your wedding costs. In part one we introduced you to a few really good tips on how to get started with cost effective planning for your wedding and today we will continue with the same theme. Get ready to take notes because you’re not going to want to miss a single tip.

As we mentioned earlier in part one, choosing your venue is one of the most costly, yet important elements of your wedding. At lots of weddings, we see brides opting to have two venues, one for the wedding and one for the reception. Well, a great way to slim down that cost is to find a venue that offers spaces for both. For instance, most local churches have a reception hall for just these sorts of occasions, or think about a mountain retreat or even fancy beach house. One thing you can count on is that your guests will appreciate not having to drive to two separate sites.

You can also try to get a discount by paying for everything in-full, upfront. Most wedding vendors work on a deposit now and pay the rest later format, but you should ask and see if there are any discounts for paying in full at the time of booking. Just get a reimbursement plan worked into your contract to protect you. That being said, you can also try your hand at negotiating. Get several quotes and play vendors against each other for your business. Do not mention the word “wedding” if you can. Try to get your quotes before you drop that word because some vendors will automatically jack up their prices when they hear someone say “wedding”.

You should also plan to get married in the off-season to save some big bucks. Getting married in November or January, instead of the summer months will cut your costs because vendors are more willing to cut prices during this time of the year to drum up some extra business during their slow time.

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