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New Summer Wedding Trends for 2018

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The summer wedding season is upon us. Experts say that there will be over 2 million ceremonies this year in the United States. That means there’s around 6,000 weddings each day, so we’re sure you’re possibly attending a few of them yourselves. Be sure to keep an eye out for these new and exciting summer wedding trends that you might see. If you want a great experience for your wedding catering in Raleigh, be sure to call Catering by Design. Contact us today to schedule your menu tasting.

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2018 Summer Wedding Trends

Comfy Casual

Casual vibes could be big this year. With the average cost of weddings exceeding $30,000.00 brides and grooms are cutting back on big expensive items and keeping things more casual. We’re talking backyard picnics, backyard games for entertainment, and a garden party feel.

No More Hashtags

Pun filled hashtags for weddings are becoming a thing of the past. Brides and grooms have had enough of excessive social media wedding posts. They’re living more in the moment and taking it all in instead.

Naked Tables

Another big trend for outdoor summer weddings are naked tables. Couples are opting out of tablecloths and choosing to use more greenery with rustic tables instead. We think this new look is gorgeous.

More Kiddos

The big Royal Wedding that just took place will inspire couples to use more kids in their bridal parties. Instead of having an entourage of groomsmen and bridesmaids, couples might incorporate a group of adorable flower girls and charming ring bearers to escort the bride down the aisle.

Upcycling Flowers

Couples spend a lot of money on wedding and reception flowers. It’s saddening to know that most of all of these beautiful blooms will likely get tossed after the ceremony is over. A new trend that is taking over the nation is upcycling wedding flowers and donating them. There are several companies and groups that will come and take your flowers and recycle them to use in senior care centers, women’s shelters, and more.

Affordable Wedding Catering in Raleigh for 2018

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