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Unique Wedding Cakes | Triangle Catering Tips

We’ve been surfing the web to find our favorite, and most unique alternatives to boring, traditional wedding cakes. Why have a cake at your wedding that is just like everyone else’s? Why not have something super fun instead? If you don’t want to commit the main wedding cake to something quirky, how about getting creative with the groom’s cake or having a funky centerpiece for your dessert table? Hopefully these tips will help you discover a few zany ideas we found while perusing the web.

triangle catering cheese

1. Cheese Wheel Cake
With cheese, you literally have endless possibilities. Since this is a savory option, not sweet, you might want to speak with a baker about a traditional cake for the cake cutting ceremony. A selection of wine and wine-pairing notes for each type of cheese at the wedding would be something fun and different. Your guests would definitely remember this idea.

2. Rice Krispies Treat Cake
Want to take a trip back to childhood? Part guilty pleasure, part nostalgia – making your cake out of Rice Krispies will make your wedding reception a little more fun. The big kids will love this idea as much as the little ones. You can also layer a traditional cake with Rice Krispies in between.

triangle catering donuts doughnuts

3. Doughnut Cake
Similar to a cupcake wedding cake, and yet still so different. Honestly, I adore this alternative. I have never met a doughnut that I didn’t like. Cupcakes are getting a little old so this is a fresh remix on that idea. Paired with a gourmet coffee and hot chocolate station, it would be fabulous. Besides, doughnuts make for fantastic conversation foods for your Triangle Catering and wedding reception.

triangle catering wedding cake ideas

4. Croquembouche Cake
A Croquembouche is a traditional French wedding cake. Although this idea is new to me, and likely you, it’s not a new concept. This has been used for centuries. In France, they refer to this as the “piece montee,” or wedding centerpiece. It’s actually a tall cone of cream-filled pastries that’s first dipped in chocolate and locked into place with yummy, gooey caramel. Then, it’s decorated. It’s kind of like a French doughnut.

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