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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Topics

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raleigh caterersThanksgiving is one of the biggest family holidays of the year. It is typically a day for unofficial reunions as family from all over heads to central gatherings. At some celebrations, you’ll even have a chance to meet a stranger or two. So whether your celebration is at your grandmother’s house, or your own home, you can expect a diverse crowd with many opinions. This leads us to easy conversation topic tips.

With Thanksgiving comes the big meal, family games, football, and more. This means you’ll be having lots of conversations. The one thing that you do not want to do is engage in topics that will create awkwardness or arguments. That’s why we’ve come up with a few great ideas that you can use this year to make your holiday time fun and entertaining.

Easy Holiday Conversation Topics

The Food – Maybe the easiest conversation topic that you can use at Thanksgiving is talking about food. After all, food will be at the forefront with the turkey and stuffing, all the sides, and all the tasty desserts. Compliment the items you like and thank whomever prepared it. Talk about the foods you like and the restaurants you like to patronize. If you like to cook as well, talk about that and who your favorite chefs are.

However, do not bash other’s taste in food or opinions. Do not talk negatively about vegetarians, vegans, or people who suffer from gluten allergies.

Pets and Animals – Most people are animal lovers. You’ll very rarely find someone that says otherwise. However, you might run into a “dog” or “cat” person. Regardless, your love of animals will allow you to have easy conversations with almost anyone, especially if they have pets of their own. All you have to do is ask “Do you have any pets of your own?” and then just roll with it. To make sure you’re not upsetting anyone, stay away from talking about weird cat people, PETA, or other controversial topics.

Hobbies – Here is another easy holiday topic that can be used at anytime; hobbies. Most people have something they really like to do, and you can either lead with your interests or ask your counterpart what they enjoy doing. For instance, you might like photography and your cousin might like to exercise, participate in CrossFit, or run marathons. Ask questions about the hobbies you’re not familiar with and use it as an opportunity to learn new things.

Traveling – Most people either like to travel, or wish they could travel more. You’ll very rarely find someone who does not like to go to new places. Most people have been somewhere interesting. Use this topic to your advantage. You have several options here. You can talk about all the wonderful places that you’ve been and even share your Facebook or Instagram pictures with them. Then you can ask your conversation partner about all of the places that they have been and ask to see pictures, etc. You can even discuss your bucket list trips, dream vacations and all the places you’d like to one day visit.

Before you even realize it, you’ll be chatting it up with everyone at the celebration learning lots of new and interesting things.

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