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Durham Special Event Catering | Nontraditional Thanksgiving

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Durham Special Event Catering

Durham Special Event Catering | Nontraditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is a celebration of family and food. One of the best parts is that you can really celebrate this wonderful holiday any way you like. Although there are several traditional Thanksgiving activities and food, who is to say that you cannot go outside the box this year and celebrate Thanksgiving in a nontraditional way? In the digital age, you should have all the inspiration in the world. If you need some help, turn to Pinterest or Etsy. We put together a couple of posts that will give you some ideas for an outside the box Thanksgiving. For the best in Durham special event catering, look no further than Catering by Design. Our Holiday Menu is perfect for your family gathering, corporate party, or holiday event.

Plan in Advance

If you are inviting a lot of people to your Thanksgiving holiday party, and are having nontraditional food, make sure to include it on the invite. You’ll need to let your guests know ahead of time to avoid any food allergies or embarrassing moments. Some guests might get a little upset if they show up expecting turkey and dressing but get an oyster on a half shell instead. That being said, you should also plan ahead. Make your menu at least a few weeks ahead of time. Do your grocery shopping in plenty of time before the holiday rush. Some food items can be made the day, or a few days, before. Take advantage of this time.

No Turkey?

An easy way to have a nontraditional Thanksgiving is to serve something besides a roasted turkey as the main protein. We have a few ideas that should satisfy all the stomachs around your table.

  • Grilled Oysters – Most historians will agree that some form of fish was probably on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. After all, the first Thanksgiving was held in the New England area which is abundant with seafood. As long as no one on your guest list has a shellfish allergy, it could be fun to serve clams or oysters as part of your party. We suggest serving oysters as a secondary item. It takes a lot of oysters to satisfy hungry men.
  • Prime Rib – Prime rib has been used to celebrate special occasions for ages. It is not too far fetched to celebrate Thanksgiving with some tasty prime rib.
  • Turducken – Just have to have turkey on your menu? How about changing it up a bit? The turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. This dish was made famous by football analyst John Madden. He would present a turducken to the winning team during one of the NFL’s annual Thanksgiving Day games.

For a great meal and a great time, call Catering by Design. We take care of the worry so you can enjoy yourself. Ask about our Durham special event catering. Take a look at our holiday menu and then give us a call.