Valentine’s Day Catering Party Ideas

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Love is in the air and you’ll already find Valentine’s Day paraphernalia in all the stores. Catering By Design wants to help you deliver a great Valentine’s Day party that all of your friends and family will love. If you really want to impress everyone in the neighborhood, have your Valentine’s Day party catered. Our event catering Raleigh NC staff will ensure your party will be the sweetest of the season. We have the best menu prices and offer top notch customer service for all of our catering events, just check out our online reviews.

Theme and Decor

Start off your Valentine’s Day celebration by sending out cute, personalized party invitations. You can select a theme like “Love Is in the Air” or something like ” The Sweeter Side of Life” then introduce this idea with your invitations and carry it throughout the party with matching party favors, banners, centerpieces and your other decor items.

Keep your holiday lights out from the holidays before Valentine’s and use them to help set your mood. Holiday lights are great for lining tables, walkways and any makeshift dance floor. Make sure to buy plenty of candles to help with the romantic lighting. A great idea for using candles is to fill clear glass votive holders with red hot candies and then top with tealight candles. Make sure to use red or white pillar candles in groups of three throughout your party area. For a safer candle option, fill clear glass bowls with water, add a few rose petals, and float a few heart candles in each bowl.

For added effect, sprinkle plenty of rose petals around the party area if you can afford it. If you find that roses are too expensive, you can find bags of red rose petals available from several online retailers. You can also have a candy bar filled with your favorite Valentine’s Day treats. Fill cocktail glasses with your favorite candies, chocolates or jelly beans

event catering Raleigh NC

Entertainment to Set the Mood

Don’t forget the tunes. Make sure to set the mood by playing some good music in the background. If you do not have a lot of  CDs, you can download apps to your tablet or smartphone, such as Pandora or Spotify, that will allow you to play all the music you like. Try to find songs about love and keep them upbeat. Use the internet to help with ideas if you are unsure of what music to choose.

Valentine’s Day Event Catering Raleigh NC

At Catering By Design, we think it’s time to break the mold of conventional approaches to your Valentine’s Day celebration! Stay away from the crowded, and noisy, restaurants this year and give your loved one a red rose and then do something different. Host an unforgettable holiday party with a catered meal from from the best event catering Raleigh NC company. Check out our catering menus and then call us today for your chance to savor a phenomenal meal created by Chef James! A Valentine’s Day party catered by us will make sure your event is a fun and memorable evening with your closest friends and loved ones, right in the comfort of your own home.

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