Outdoor Food Catering Services

Hosting an outdoor event is exciting, whether you’re arranging a wedding, graduation or retirement party. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, you’ll want to work with an experienced catering team, like the professionals at Catering by Design, to make sure your special day goes smoothly.

Tips for Outdoor Food Catering Services

When you host your event indoors, you have more control over the environment, and you may have a space for heating or cooling food. An outdoor event involves a few more considerations:

  • Electricity: Your caterers may need a cooler, fridge or heating device. Power availability may limit which menu items you can serve since some foods need to be kept at specific temperatures for food safety. Discuss available amenities with your caterers ahead of time so you can plan the perfect event.
  • Catering experience: Catering outdoors is very different than catering indoors. Your caterer may need to set up on uneven ground, protect food from harm or even set up a generator. At Catering by Design, we’ve successfully hosted many outdoor events, so we know how to create contingency plans and keep serving food your guests will relish.
  • Bylaws: Your outdoor location may require special licensing, especially if you want bartending services. There may also be special rules to follow regarding noise levels or guest parking. If you are renting a space, confirm all requirements with the property owners. Otherwise, consult with the municipality to comply with all rules.
  • Other services: If you have a band, offering buffet-style service or finger foods your guests can take away to a quieter spot may be ideal. If you’re holding a larger, formal event, you may want a traditional dinner service in tents. A picnic is also a great option for outdoor spaces.
  • The weather: If your special event is outdoors, you need a Plan B. Whether you decide on tents or a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces or an alternative venue in case of inclement weather, make sure Mother Nature doesn’t spoil your plans. Be prepared.

Some Outdoor Catering Examples to Consider

Catering by Design can create custom menus for your outdoor catering event. We also have set menus for outdoor food catering services you can choose from, including:

  • Hors d’Oeuvre buffet with carving station
  • An Italian Affair Buffet
  • Brunch buffet
  • Dinner buffet
  • A Chance of Showers
  • Southern Buffet
  • Fiesta Americana
  • Hors d’Oeuvre buffet
  • Sporting event buffet
  • Dinner with hors d’oeuvres buffet
  • Backyard Picnic

Catering by Design Is Your Choice for Outdoor Catering!

At Catering by Design, we offer indoor and outdoor food catering services, custom menus, bartending services, event planning and more. We’re here to help you with delicious meals that suit your event and budget. Since we take care of the menu, you’re free to enjoy your celebration.

Contact us online or call us at 919-481-2366 to schedule a tasting or start planning your event with us.

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