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How To Make Mason Jar Salads

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Here’s a great idea and a new twist for making salads. One of the big new trends right now is mason jar salads. If you do them right, you’ll be the talk of the town. It’s a really cute option for modernizing traditional plated salads, which can get boring after a while. So keep reading to learn how to make mason jar salads the right way. If you’re looking for affordable Raleigh caterers for an upcoming neighborhood gathering, business banquet, lunch meeting, or wedding, call Catering by Design. Be sure to ask about our delivery services.

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Mason Jar Salads Instructional

Wide Mouth Mason Jars – Buy the wide mouth variety to easily pack, eat, or remove the salad from the jar.

Dressing First – Always, always, always, put the dressing in as the first layer. This will act as a marinade for the second layer and as dressing for the entire salad.

Hearty Second Layer – The second layer should be hearty enough to act as a dressing barrier to the rest of the layers. It should also be a vegetable that would taste good marinated or pickled. Start with halved grape tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, and cucumbers.

Order By Weight – From here you’ll want to layer the rest of the salad by weight with the greens and lighter elements, like croutons, on top.

Packing Proteins and Fruit – If you’re making these salads for a gathering or event, be careful about prematurely packing meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruit. If I’m making these for my dinner guests, then I’ll just pack the jars before everyone arrives. If I’m prepacking the salads for future lunches, dinners, or catering events, I’ll add these elements the day of.

The Right Tightness – If you’re going to be eating the salad directly from the mason jars then be sure to leave some shaking and mixing room. You want all the ingredients to somewhat mix together. If you’re going to be dumping the jars into bowls, then you can pack the jars tighter.

Expiration Times – Mason jars are air tight so the salads should keep for about a week, and sometimes longer if sealed correctly. This also depends on how tightly the jars are packed too. The more air that gets trapped inside, the quicker the salad will spoil.

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