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Tips for Giving a Hilarious Wedding Speech

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Have you been asked to write a speech at an upcoming wedding? If so, you might be feeling the pressure to hit a home run. You’re going to want to make everyone laugh, not be too sappy, and definitely not cross the line. So how do you make all that happen? The good news is that you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to give a hilarious wedding speech.

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Writing a Hilarious Wedding Speech

Acknowledge Your Nervousness

If you really want to lead with a joke, poke fun at yourself and confess your nervousness to the crowd. This will loosen everyone up because they’ll be able to better relate to you, and what you’re about to say. Most of the guests will empathize with your anxiousness, so you’ll have some leeway.

Play Off the Crowd

Everyone at the wedding reception should already be in a great mood, so you should see smiles galore. Let this take some of the pressure off of you and play off the crowd’s happiness.

Short and Sweet

One of the biggest elements to writing a great wedding speech and toast is to keep it short and sweet. We’re talking 5 minutes max. The best speeches are usually only two to three minutes long. Going over that could cause you to ramble or get off track.

Roll with It

If you’re in the middle of your speech and make a mistake, don’t sweat it, especially if you’re making the guests laugh. Use this opportunity to keep it rolling and make a quick a joke about not being prepared, being distracted by a beautiful bridesmaid, or something similar.

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