Wedding Cake Flavors Beyond Vanilla

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Lately, we’ve posted several blogs about how to make your wedding day stand out from the others. For instance, you can choose to have an alternative wedding bouquet, or use unique seating cards, and today’s post is going to continue with this theme.

What better way to add a little more spice to your fall wedding than by using fun flavor ideas for one of the biggest elements of your big day? We’re talking about having a unique flavor for your wedding cake! Below you’ll find some of the best flavors not named vanilla. If you need the best Raleigh catering for your wedding reception, please call Catering By Design to schedule your free menu tasting today!

Fun Wedding Cake Flavors

Carrot – Carrot cake is a perfect choice for any fall or winter wedding. It might not be everybody’s favorite, but if you love rich flavor combinations then a moist carrot cake with a mean cream cheese frosting might be the way to go.

Orange Blossom – More so a summer cake option, an orange blossom cake can be a great substitute for a lemon citrus cake. Pairs well with a lightly scented vanilla frosting or glaze.

Grasshopper – This cake screams elegance and makes for a perfect winter option. Mint and chocolate will always be a winning combination.

Spice – Another big winner for autumn and winter weddings, this earthy choice goes great with a rustic or country theme.

Mocha – Want something like chocolate, but not chocolate? Mocha should be at the top of your list, especially if you’re a coffee lover. Another clear winner for autumn and winter weddings.

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Red Velvet – An all-time classic, red velvet cakes works best for fall, winter and spring weddings. This flavor experienced a huge rise in popularity a few years ago, but has always been a favorite among brides that like a hint of cocoa flavor and rich cream cheese frosting.

German Chocolate – Traditionally used as groom’s cakes, that is not the case any longer! This gooey dessert favorite will make all of your wedding guests happy to have a slice, especially if coffee is involved.

Amaretto – Amaretto cakes are refined, unique, and very addictive. Your guests will want more than one piece, trust me on this one! Works great for summer and fall weddings and fantastically pairs with an apricot filling.

Funfetti – Want to have a white cake but something a little more fun? Take a trip back to your grade school days and go with a funfetti cake. Not just for birthdays, this option will make everyone smile and the kids attending will especially love the idea.

White Chocolate – Another great option for having a white cake without using vanilla is by turning to the rich flavor of white chocolate. Perfect for anytime of the year and pairs great with raspberry and milk chocolate flavors.

We hope these tips help you add a little more fun and excitement to your wedding! If you need help finding a baker, give us a call. We would be happy to make a recommendation.

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