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Vegetarian Meal Tips for your Cary Wedding Reception Catering

Cary wedding reception catering ideas for vegetarians

Cary Wedding Reception Catering Tips | Serving your Vegetarian Wedding Guests

Planning a wedding menu can be a pretty overwhelming task. If you’re a vegetarian, or will be having several vegetarian guests at your wedding, deciding on a menu can be even more intimidating. Have no fear, brides – we spoke to Chef James, at Catering by Design to get some insight. Catering by Design offers the finest Cary wedding reception catering for brides with any budget. These tips will help you serve a satisfyingly delicious menu that all your wedding guests will love.

Have multi-use food stations for serving both vegetarian/non-vegetarian items at the same time

Food stations are great for your Cary wedding reception catering. They allow your wedding guests to choose what, and how much, food they want. People also have to get up from their tables to get their food. This allows them to mingle with the other guests and keeps the party moving.

Chef James says featuring something like a taco bar for your Cary wedding reception catering is a fantastic way to serve a variety of guests with different tastes. A taco bar allows for extreme versatility as you can serve tofu for your vegetarian friends and items like shredded chicken, beef, or fish for everyone else. Add all kinds of different vegetables, cheeses and sauces to cover all your bases.

Alter your favorite recipes to accommodate vegetarians

Most brides really want to serve their favorite dishes at their wedding reception. If you have several vegetarian friends attending, then you might be worried about them leaving feeling less than full. Top catering companies, like Catering by Design, are flexible and will work with you to accommodate any dietary restrictions that your guests may have.

We encourage you to bring in your favorite recipes. We’ll work with you to develop a meatless version that will be delicious for all your wedding guests. As a bride, we want you to get the meal you really want for your wedding. At the same time, we will make sure your vegetarian guests aren’t hungry when they leave.

Cary wedding reception catering ideas

Gain vegetarian inspiration from other cultures

Different cultures can be a huge source of inspiration for your Cary wedding reception catering menu. If you’re puzzled on ways to incorporate vegetarian items into your reception, take a look at Asian and Indian recipes. Asian and Indian cultures are known for creating outstanding vegetarian meals that even meat-eaters will enjoy.

Catering by Design has been the Cary wedding reception catering expert for over 10 years. We’re the Wedding Wire Award Winning Caterer for three years in a row – 2012,2013 and 2014. Brides, call us today to schedule your free menu tasting. We offer this for free whereas some of our competitors charge for this service. We have menus that fit any budget so contact us or just stop by our kitchen.

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