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Summer is going to be coming to an end, sooner rather than later, and most people like to send the season off with a bang. Even though the days are becoming a little bit shorter, the days are still hot and humid, with lots of bugs. This being said, trying to plan an outdoor event can be a tad bit risky. Don’t let this stop you, Catering by Design can help you with all your Cary special event catering needs. We can help you prepare all the items that will help make your party a success.

We’ve also put together a list of things for the DIYer in you. This list will help you relax so you can enjoy your party and friends when the time comes.

Time – Try to have your party after 6:00pm, even on the weekend. Use this as your rule of thumb unless you’re having a pool party. During the week, this time allows your guests to freshen up between work and your event. The main reason is that the stifling heat of the day is over. You and your friends can enjoy the sunset as things cool off a bit.

Budget – Establish a budget and stick to it. Your budget will determine what kind of party you can have, where you can have it and how many guests you can invite.

Guests – Keep your guest list short as you can. This will keep your event manageable and affordable. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and your friends as well as have them enjoy you.

Shelter/Location – Other than food, your location will be the most expensive. Are you having this event at your home or are you renting a place? Make sure to stick to your budget here. If you spend too much on the food and décor you might have to skip having your event at your number one venue spot. If you’re having the event outside, make sure to have a backup plan in case it rains. If you have room for a tent, make sure to get one. They provide excellent shade from the sun, and protection from the rain. Everyone will be much more comfortable.

Cary Special Event Catering Time and Money Saving Tips: 10×10 popup tents are perfect for smaller yards and your friends and neighbors might even have one or two you could borrow!

Food – Keep it simple. Going overboard will cost you time and money. Make sure to avoid using foods that are common allergins like nuts and shellfish. You can also check out your local deli and re-plate the items you find there.

Cary Special Event Catering Time and Money Saving Tips: Shop your local farmer’s market to find your fresh ingredients and flowers!

Bugs – If you’re having this event outside, make sure to spray for bugs at least an hour prior. For extra protection, have plenty of citronella candles stationed at every table. Your guests will quickly leave if they keep getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Entertainment – Pretty much everyone has an iPod, or MP3 player of some sort these days. Develop a play list, plug your iPod into your stereo and have at it! This will save you plenty of budget room for other items. If you’d rather have some live musicians, check in with your local festivals, bars or the internet to find recommendations.

Call Catering by Design for all your Cary special event catering needs. We’ve been serving the Triangle for over a decade. Check out our menus and you’ll see we’ve get prices for every budget. We’d love an opportunity to serve your family – contact us today.

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