Office Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

raleigh corporate cateringAre you having a Thanksgiving celebration at work, but just cannot figure out exactly what to do to make it fun? Maybe your company cannot afford to have a giant feast this year, especially with Christmas and New Year’s events right around the corner. If you want to have a Thanksgiving office celebration that will really stand out from the rest, focus more on the true meaning of the holiday by saying thanks and giving back this year.

In this short two part series, we’re going to give you a different perspective on how to have a great office party that celebrates the right reasons for Thanksgiving by giving back to your coworkers and employees. If you’re searching for affordable Raleigh corporate catering for Thanksgiving and the holidays, look no further than Catering by Design. Call us today to schedule full catering service or a delivery.

How to Give Thanks

Since Thanksgiving is literally about giving thanks for the things you are blessed with, this year give thanks to your employees and teammates for all their hard work by using these tips.

Organize a Team Event – Even if you plan on having a catered lunch, you can still plan many fun activities for your team. You can even do something a little different and outside of the norm, like arts and crafts. During your holiday party, have a craft area and inspire your team to take a trip back in time to their grade school days. Remember how you used to make all sorts of holiday crafts at school to bring home to your parents? Same concept except have your employees draw names and then make a craft for their chosen coworker.

Create Your Own “Thank You” Wall – Many employees never feel fully appreciated for doing their work. Well, here is your chance to make a change and show these hard working individuals how much they mean to your business. Designate a place inside your office where you can have employees write “Post-It” notes thanking specific employees for all that they do. Encourage others to do the same. You’ll be amazed at how inspired your team will be because of this small gesture of recognition and gratitude.

Act Out Your Company’s Story – Just like you acted out the first Thanksgiving during your school days, create a fun way to tell the story of your own company in the form of a grade school play. Come up with funny one-liners and be sure to get the bosses involved. This will show the other employees that management can have a good time and not take everything so seriously.

Compete in Office Games – Get outside in the parking lot and compete against each other with some fun harvest games. You can bob for apples, have a three-legged race, spoon and egg race, plus many more. You can even create teams and go pumpkin bowling. Winners get festive prizes like homemade desserts or even a turkey!

Have a Recipe Contest – Want to have fun and get to eat good food at the same time? Have a recipe contest. You can still place an order for our Raleigh corporate catering, but letting your employees engage in a friendly competition for the best holiday covered dish, or Thanksgiving dessert will get everyone into the spirit. Everyone gets a vote and the winner gets to leave early one day.

Be sure to join us for part two where we discuss even more great ideas for your office party this Thanksgiving. Click here to read part two.

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