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It’s almost time for the company’s office party and if you’re having a holiday gift exchange this year, why not try something new? Having a themed gift exchange is a great way to add a little fun to the activity and take away some of the stress of gift shopping for your co-workers. In this post, we hope to give you some inspiration for your gift exchange. From trivia games, to charity donations, to a game called white elephant swap, we are sure all of these will be a hit. If you need food for your office’s holiday party, then look no further than Catering By Design. We offer the best prices and service for all of your Raleigh holiday catering needs. Don’t believe us? Then check out our menus.

Secret Santa – If you have been involved with a gift exchange in the past then you’ve more than likely participated in Secret Santa. For the newbies, and as a refresher, here is how this one works. Everyone in the office gets assigned one co-worker in secret that they must buy an inexpensive gift for. Everyone brings their gifts to a central location in the office until the party. To make it more interesting, have the participating employees leave a few hints about their identities for their gift recipients up until the big day of the party.

Charity – Do something completely different this year by giving back. Instead of giving presents to your co-workers, have everyone write down their names along with their favorite charity on a piece of paper. These pieces of paper are drawn by each participating employee and then a small donation to that charity, in the selected person’s name, is made instead of receiving a gift.

White Elephant – As long as everyone has a good sense of humor, then the White Elephant Gift Swap should be a lot of fun. Also called Yankee Swap, this game requires the participants to bring in one wrapped gift to be put under a tree, or other grouped location. Next, everyone takes a turn in selecting a present from the group. The first person opens their gift and the next person has the option to steal that gift, or select a new one. If the gift is stolen from the previous owner, that now giftless person gets to pick out another present. What makes the white elephant exchange really fun is that gifts should be weird, funny, or unwanted re-gifted things from previous parties. The game is finished when everyone has a gift.

Co-worker Trivia – This is fun way to really switch things up and learn new things about your employees and co-workers. Like above, everyone participating brings a gift and all the gifts are put together. Next, the participants should write out a little-known fact about themselves on a piece of paper and these go in a hat, or bowl. These papers are drawn one at a time and the first person to guess whom the fact is referring to gets to choose their gift first. The game ends once everyone has a gift.

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