Corporate Breakfasts with Made-to-Order Omelets

Made to Order Omelets is an exciting and simple way to make Corporate Breakfasts special.

omlet station at catering by design
A 4 omelet at a time Omelet Station at a Raleigh Corporate Breakfast for employees.

This is a 4 omelet at a time station, with exciting ingredients to give your employees their own choice, exactly as they want it.

Ingredients included bacon, turkey, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, cheese, red pepper, onion and more.

In addition there was a buffet table full with Buns, Bacon & Sausage, Fresh Fruit, Diced and Seasoned Potatoes, and Cheesy Grits.

And for your sweet tooth: Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate Croissants, and Fluffy Biscuits with Butter and Jelly.

Think of it as an affordable way to say “We greatly appreciate what you do for our company.”

Have you enjoyed a corporate breakfast event recently?

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