Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wedding Bouquet Preservation: It’s Not Too Soon To Think about it

Victoria Seasons Flower Preservation (1)With almost a decade and a half of experience in Wedding Catering, Raleigh’s Catering by Design has met hundreds of wedding vendors in the community. We are always happy to refer vendors we have worked with or whose work has impressed us, and many have referred us to their customers.

One specialty wedding vendor local to the Raleigh-Cary area of North Carolina is Victorian Seasons in Apex. It is a small, custom, wedding services business that provides top of the line Wedding Bouquet Preservation.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wedding bouquet preservation is a craft and an art, laying out the flowers by hand in custom keepsake boxes designed to be stunning family heirlooms.  With the eyes and skills of artists the team at Victorian Seasons helps brides find a design that matches their style and preferences.

Victorian Seasons offers a surprising variety of possibilities across contemporary, classic or Victorian style frames and settings.

Asking a family member, an aunt and uncle, or your grandmother or grandparents seems like a particularly good idea. They know that time passes, and memories are precious and need preserving. Preserving your wedding bouquet with a copy of your invitation, and perhaps other small mementos, like a piece of jewelry. Seeing the beautiful work that Victorian Seasons does is inspiring. Something as fleeting as flower blossoms, preserved beautifully under glass in beautiful custom frame. It’s a beautiful reminder of your wedding day, your vows and all the joy and hope that day represents.

Wedding bouquet preservation is a specialty service, and not common in the Triangle area. It involves professional freeze drying, in addition to a masterful eye for design and skill in handling the blossoms.

Fancy china and silverware, crystal and linens are only used occasionally, a family keepsake like a beautifully framed preserved wedding bouquet is on your wall for your to see every day. 

Victorian Seasons has worked on weddings that Catering by Design has been involved in and we’ve been in many a wedding show together, most recently in August and again in January when we decided we definitely wanted to tell you about their stunningly beautiful work.

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