2024 Wedding Food Trends

After a beautiful wedding ceremony, the reception food is a creative way to thank your guests for attending and your opportunity to choose trending dishes for all parties to enjoy. In 2024, brides and grooms are focusing on versatile dietary choices and using food to recreate their love story.

Take a look at the following wedding food trends in 2024 that can inspire the chosen cuisine on your big day.

Grazing Tables

Everyone loves a colorful and elegant charcuterie board. Create the same delicious layout for your guests with the trending grazing tables idea!
Instead of passing around appetizers at the reception, the grazing table combines several ingredients onto a long wooden board or counter for guests to pass and pick.
The ingredients typically include crackers, nuts and seeds, sliced meats, whole fruits and cheese. These foods are great for nutritious flavors to try before the main course.
You can also create a vegan grazing table if you, your partner, guests or family members have specific dietary plans. Delicious vegan options to add to your grazing table include vibrant fruit slices, grape vines, bread bowls, toasted cauliflower and salsa.
Another option growing in popularity is charcuterie cups, offering individualized servings for guests to snack on. You can even customize the cups according to specific dietary preferences.

Nontraditional Foods

Instead of sticking to the traditional wedding menus of the past, many couples are opting for nontraditional options that suit their palettes. Examples of these unique menus include:

  • Comfort food options that the couple grew up with to make their celebration more personalized
  • Cuisines that reflect their family cultures for a sentimental, personal connection
  • Street food, like street corn, arepas or kebabs, for cultural dishes that are easy to eat
  • And more!

Creative Drink Experiences

The drinks you choose for your wedding reception can set the tone for the night, creating a unique experience for your guests. Many couples plan for show-stopping drink experiences. An old trend growing in popularity again is champagne towers, which offer a beautiful aesthetic.

Take advantage of an open bar at your reception by creating a personalized cocktail with your and your partner’s favorite flavors. Choose from a large selection of beers, spirits, wines and top-shelf liquors to add to your wedding menu for all mixed drink enthusiasts to enjoy.

You can also make fun mocktails for those who want a flavor boost without alcohol. Bartenders can make delicious mixed drinks with sodas, juices and other nonalcoholic beverages matching your wedding’s aesthetic. One growing trend is adaptogenic drinks, which use herbal ingredients to offer energy boosts or relaxation without alcohol.

Artsy Floral Wedding Cakes

We’ve all seen the traditional white wedding cake tiers with white roses or lilies. Spice up this conventional celebratory dessert with a colorful floral wedding cake.

Several wedding cake trends in 2024 make artistic flowers the focal point of these layered desserts. Rather than standard white flowers adorning the top and sides of the cake, pressed dried flowers add a unique, rustic charm. Bakers can place flowers on the sides of cakes to create unique designs. Others are opting for buttercream masterpieces. Cake artists use piped flowers and other expert techniques to create hand-painted cakes with stunning creative floral arrangements.

If nature holds a special place in your heart, add vibrant plant decorations to your wedding cake that can also match the theme of your big day.

Other couples are disrupting the conventional wedding cake by choosing fun dessert stations like a chocolate fountain or a mixed table of sweets that give every guest an option they enjoy.

Going Local

As more people become mindful of sustainability, they incorporate these practices into their wedding celebrations. Some couples embrace eco-friendly practices by choosing local produce and other products to build their reception menus. Couples can work with caterers to select ingredients that are in season and come from nearby suppliers or markets.

You can even practice sustainability in your drink selections by choosing wine, beer or spirit brands that promote environmentally responsible practices.

Choose Delicious Reception Foods With Catering By Design

With Catering By Design, you can follow these wedding trends and create a unique food layout at your reception that tells the story of your and your partner’s love. Our wedding food options combine several local and international cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Choose from several of our hand-picked wedding menus or build your own from scratch. We prioritize your satisfaction with our food options and offer a free consultation to ensure we can provide delicious choices that fit your wedding’s flair.

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