The Top Videography Tips for Your Wedding

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For some brides in NC, having their wedding videotaped is something that is non-negotiable when it comes to budget space. The problem is that videography packages can be pretty expensive for quality work. You’re going to pay anywhere between $1,000, to more than $15,000 depending on the type of package that meets your needs. Raleigh caterers, Catering By Design, have put together a few tips that should help any bride get the video of her dreams, and one that she will want to watch on repeat every anniversary.

Ask Other Vendors for a Professional Referral – You should really take advantage of this service to save yourself a lot of searching time. Every vendor that you work with for your wedding should be more than willing to refer some of their most trusted industry colleagues. We suggest that you start with your wedding photographer. Some photography contractors also provide videography packages as well. If they are not providing the taping, we recommend that you start by asking this vendor for a referral as their industries somewhat overlap and these vendors should be pretty familiar with each other.

Take Your Videographer Search Seriously- If you are hiring a contractor to video your wedding then you should take this search just as seriously as you would any other of your wedding vendors. You do not want to put this on the back burner and wind up with a C level wedding service provider. You’ll be under enough stress as it is so making sure all of your vendors are top notch will be key to having a smoothly running day. We suggest that you go ahead and flag money for a videographer in your wedding budget right from the beginning. This will help make finding one a priority.

Hire a Vendor That Matches Your Own Personal Style – Videographers have their own different presentation styles, just as other creative vendors, like Raleigh caterers or photographers do. You should make an effort to really watch a lot of their sample work to make sure you’re getting a video that you like and not one that you’ll be ashamed to watch. For instance, if you’re looking for a lot of dramatic effects then you would want to avoid a videographer that shoots with more of a documentary approach.

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