September 2013 Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Have a Shady Wagon Farm Wedding with Catering by Design as Caterer

Elegant Dinner Plate for Fancy Wedding Reception

Even though Shady Wagon Farm is far off the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill corridor along I40 in the country side, Shady Wagon Farm is one of the most popular wedding reception sites.

Rain or Shine You’ve Got Cover at Shady Wagon

Shady Wagon includes a beautiful water side wedding site, and a large covered pavilion surrounded by fields and then forest. So if the weather’s great it’s beautiful, and if it rains, the pavilion is a beautiful place to have the wedding and still feel close to nature.

For a number of the weddings we cater, between the wedding and the reception we change the room from a wedding setting to a dining setting. Usually there is a side room or foyer where guests mingle and have drinks while we are turning the room around. It’s quite common and can be done quickly and easily.

Affordable Elegance with Catering by Design

On the last weekend in September, a big beautiful wedding was held at Shady Wagon Farm. We took some pictures to share what’s possible and what we at Catering by Design can do.

You can also watch our photo video about meeting with a young couple for a wedding run-through at Shady Wagon Farm.


Invite Catering by Design to cater your wedding at Shady Wagon Farms.


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