Raleigh Wedding Catering Tips: Food & Wine Pairings

Whether you’re catering a wedding or corporate event, pairing the right wine with your food is critical to a successful meal. We’ve posted an awesome infographic below that you can use as your go-to resource whenever you need to pair a specific wine with virtually any type of food. For other great wine related infographics, check out Wine Folly.

raleigh nc wedding catering info graphic food wine pairing

Just to give you an idea of which wines to serve with specific foods, check out the list we put together.

Dry, Light Whites
Sauvignon Blanc pairs very well with tart dressings and sauces, and Pinot Grigio pairs great with lighter fish dishes. Most light seafood dishes take on more flavor when matched with an equally delicate white wine.

Rich Whites
A bold Chardonnay really brings out the flavors of a fatty fish or seafood dish served in a rich sauce.

Sweet Wines
Riesling pairs great with both sweet-n-spicy or sweet-n-savory dishes. Think fiery drunken noodles or honey roasted ham.

Have something really salty that you’re just unsure of? Raleigh Wedding Catering Super Tip: Champagne is perfect with anything salty, that’s why you see it often paired with Caviar.

raleigh nc event catering champagne and caviar

Some cheeses taste better with white, some with red … but almost all pair well with a dry rose. With the acidity of a white and the fruit characteristics of a red, this is the perfect paring of Wine and Cheese.

Light Reds
Are you serving a dish with earthy flavors? Pinot Noir is your answer. A Pinot Noir tastes great with foods made with mushrooms or truffles because of its savory depth.

Medium Reds
Think Merlot here. This medium red complements foods that are rich and hearty, yet soft and sweet. You can pair Merlot with proteins such as duck, pork, lamb, beef, turkey, and roast chicken. A good, hearty cheese or pasta with meat sauce also works well with medium reds.

Bold Reds
Shiraz or Malbec are both bold enough to serve at a BBQ. These pair well with our Southern Style BBQ Chicken. Cabernet Sauvignon is fabulous with any juicy red meat but if you’re having a steak, try a California Cabernet. Their firm tannins refresh your palate after each bite making these wines a terrific pair.

Raleigh Wedding Catering Super Tip: Asparagus, green beans, artichoke, brussel sprouts, and chocolate are all foods that are hard to pair wine with. Don’t stress too much when trying to pair with these. Having said that, a good Riesling or Muscat is great for chocolate.

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