Customize an In-Home Brunch Surprise for Mom’s Big Day

It’s about that time to show and tell Mom how much you love her, and the question is, what do you have prepared?

We’re talking about Mother’s Day plans, and we’ve got an idea that would surely put a smile on many moms’ faces and set the tone for the weekend.

Maybe you’re already planning on taking Mom out for a lovely lunch to celebrate. But, if you’d rather avoid the crowds and long waits on a Sunday afternoon, not to mention graduation weekend for several area colleges in the Triangle, how about throwing your own Mother’s Day shin-dig with a specially designed brunch for Mom, family and friends in the comforts of home! If you really want to catch her by surprise, make the brunch event on Saturday and kick the Mother’s Day weekend off with a bang!

We here at Catering By Design can suggest a menu

Marinated grilled veggies by Catering By Design are a favorite any time of day!

for you, or we can develop one together. We’ll create the ideal mix of items for your choosing — freshly baked muffins and biscuits, fresh fruit, and eggs benedict for starters. You all can sleep late, coupled with a morning of lounging followed by a gourmet brunch spread and an afternoon of complete relaxation.

We’ll put it together and deliver.  It’s truly that easy.  And don’t worry – we know how to keep a secret.  We won’t tell Mom if you don’t!

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