Catering by Design: Reception Planning Checklist

Here at Catering by Design, we know how important every last detail is when planning your wedding reception. A complete coordination of menu selection, reception colors, table settings, and venue decoration and arrangement must all combine for a seamless presentation. As experienced caterers, we leave nothing to chance and review every detail with you upon consultation.

10 Key Topics- Our Wedding Reception Planning Checklist

1. Colors:
Have you chosen your colors yet? Upon determination of your color combinations, you can begin to think about your linen choices, fabrics, and flowers to enhance your color theme.

2. Napkins:
Have you considered the color and type of napkins you would like to use? Remember a contrasting napkin color offers an easy decorating effect and is the single best way to tie color combinations together beautifully.

3. Tables:
The number of guests you are planning to invite and the tone of your affair can factor into determining the size of tables you’d like to have at your reception. If you’re planning a sit down affair with assigned seating, think in terms of how many people you’d like to seat at one table. Also, verify if the venues provide tables or if you will need to arrange rentals.

4. Table Cloth:
In addition to determining the color of your table cloth, also consider the length you prefer. They are available in both lap and floor length.

5. Centerpieces:
This key piece of your décor is referred to as the centerpiece for a reason – it really is what draws the eye and ties your wedding table settings together. Everything from tall glass vases filled with stunning flowers to glowing clusters of pillar candles will impress your guests and set your reception tone.

6. Chairs:
So many options today for your chairs accompanying your tables. Think in terms of plastic, padded, wood, lattice back, you name it, it’s out there. Prices vary, but we can walk you through the options and deliver on your choice.

7. China:
When choosing Catering by Design as your caterer, we offer our china pattern for your use and it is included in our fee. However, if you have a special china selection you prefer to order, please let us know during the consultation.

8. Silverware:
During your consultation with us, we will also show you the silverware we provide for your event. Should you wish to use something else, again, let us know and we can arrange to get it for you.

9. Glassware:
We offer red and white wine glasses as well as tall glasses for beer, tea, and lemonade. We will show you the styles we use during your consultation.

10. Champagne Glasses:
Generally, we recommend the bride and groom select their own champagne glasses for a toast – ones that will be a keepsake. Most weddings aren’t serving champagne for the guests, however if you choose to serve champagne to your guests as well, please let us know during the consultation so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly.

Make your lists, get your wheels turning, and come, discuss your ideas with our reception consultations!

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