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Holiday Party Game Ideas

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Are you having a holiday party this year? Do you want to have some game ideas that your friends, family, or co-workers will enjoy? We’ve searched all over the internet to bring you a great list of games that will be sure to add loads of fun and excitement to your holiday celebration.

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Fun Holiday Party Games

Holiday Bowling – Instead of being stuck inside for a holiday party, why not take advantage of holiday packages at your local bowling alley? Bowling is so much fun, especially when you divide up into teams. Most bowling alleys also have concession areas. These are perfect for exchanging gifts so you do not have to move locations.

Stuff the Stocking – Have all of your party goers divide into competing teams. Each participant then races to stuff their hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy. Use a playoff system with the final person winning a prize. You can even take side bets on who will win each round.

Gift Wrapping Race – Using the same set up as above, or divide into teams of two, and have a race to wrap gifts. Have an assembly line of gift, box, paper, tape, scissors, and a bow. Each participant races to wrap the gift. Single round elimination, last one standing wins a prize.

Christmas Carol Charades –It’s Charades, but with Christmas carols. This can get hilarious if your participants are willing to have fun with it.

Christmas Tree Person Decorating Contest – Using all the same things that you would use to trim a Christmas tree, decorate a person instead. Divide into teams and start by using green crepe paper. Then hang ornaments, tinsel, and any other fun thing you can find to decorate your tree person. You can either have a first team wins or best tree wins contest.

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Snowman Building Contest – If you already have snow, this will be the perfect game for kids and adults. Split up into teams and build a fun and creative snowman as fast as possible. Give out prizes for fastest time, best, and even worst snowman.

Snowball Throwing – Another great outdoors game for snowier climates is to have a snowball throwing contest. Get some brightly colored food coloring and use it to make a large bulls-eye in the snow. Draw smaller circles that are numbered with different points within the target, similar to what you would see on a dartboard. Have participants make 3 to 5 snowballs each and throw them for points. You can even draw double targets and have timed matches, tournament style.

Snowman Person Contest – Using the same idea as the decorate a tree person, except use a snowman theme. Use rolls of cheap toilet paper to get started.

We hope that these holiday game ideas will help your group have a lot fun this season. Just remember to have a good time, relax and engage in good sportsmanship! Happy Holidays from everyone at Catering by Design!

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