What Questions Will Your Caterer Ask You about Your Wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement, and on making progress in planning your big day.

You’re now looking up caterers to see which local caterer feels like the right match for you. You check out our menus and prices. You read about our services and our team. Maybe you visit our Facebook Page and check out our reviews.

You like what you see, so you call us for an appointment. You can’t meet during work hours, but you can make it for a 5:30 appointment. You put it in your phone calendar, and set your reminders.

Now what? You write down the questions you want to ask us. And look over the menus again, to think about what you might like.

Your caterer will also have some questions for you. It’s OK if you don’t yet know the answers, we’ll happily share our experience to make it easier for you to decide. But if you’re curious about what we’ll ask, we’ve prepared a list for you to look over.

One of the first questions we’ll ask about is your preferred wedding venue. Not every venue allows outside caterers. Catering by Design can literally cater at over 100 venues in the greater Raleigh area, but we need to make sure you’re choosing a venue where we’re a preferred vendor if you choose us for your wedding catering.

Here is the list of questions that we, and other wedding caterers, commonly ask their brides. Click here for a PDF of Questions about Your Wedding.

Review our popular wedding menu choices, and know you can design your food choices any way you want.
We love meeting with our brides-to-be, your fiance, your friends, wedding planner and family at our first meeting. Weddings are exciting, and each of you have your own wonderful stories and vision to share.
Congratulations on this wonderful time in your life. We hope you thoroughly enjoy planning and putting your unique touch to your wedding day.
We’re an award-winning wedding caterer, Catering by Design, one of the top caterers in the greater Raleigh area. Call and talk to us about your upcoming wedding and find out what we can do for you. Find out why our brides love us.
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