Catering by Design Recipes: Chocolate Pate

Chocolate Pate


  • 12 oz Semi sweet Belgian Chocolate
  • 2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Rasberry Sauce, Whipped Cream and a Sprig of Mint


Melt the Chocolate

  • Using a double boiler, slowly melt the chocolate:
    • Use a clean stainless steel bowl
    • Do not boil the water
    • Do not let the bowl touch the hot water
    • Do not get any water in the chocolate
    • Mix the chocolate as it melts
    • Remove from heat before totally melted
  • (You may use the microwave but be sure to turn it on in short spurts, and stir in between.)

Whipping and Folding the Cream

  • While Chocolate is melting, whip the heavy cream till very firm.
  • After the Chocolate has melted and the Cream is whipped.
  • Fold together gently until fully mixed.
  • Place in saran-wrap lined loaf pan.
  • Chill overnight.
  • Remove from pan and slice with a clean warm knife.
  • Compliment with Raspberry Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream and a Sprig of Mint.

Hints when melting chocolate

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