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How to Write a Great Wedding Thank You Note

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The wedding is over and you’ve just gotten back from your fabulous honeymoon, now it’s time to start tackling one of the tasks newlyweds dread the most. Yep, sending out all of those thank you cards! Writing thank you notes is typically not the most fun part of your wedding celebration, however it is just as important to send these out as it is to have your guests show up to your ceremony.

Today we’re going to give you all some great tips and tricks that will hopefully make writing your thank you’s less monotonous, as well as, a few ideas that should help you write great notes also.

Saying Thanks!

Each One Should Be Personal – The first tip to writing a great thank you note is to make sure each one is personalized to the person receiving it. You can do this by mentioning something specific, like a moment you two shared during the ceremony, as well as, be sure to thank them for their specific gift. Write a sentence or two on how you plan to use it.

Here’s a great example: “We want to thank you so much for the espresso machine! Mark and I can’t wait to use it this winter when it’s cold outside.”

Your Thank You Notes Do Not Have to Match Your Invites – A question some brides have when choosing their wedding stationary is trying to figure out if all the paper, cards, and envelopes should match. This can get expensive. A great way to save some extra cash is to buy bulk thank you cards that you can also have for future use. You’ll have a million reasons to send them out as the years go by, so don’t waste money by purchasing something wedding specific.

A classic style with your monogram should be something that will be perfect to use again and again.

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Send Special Cards to Special People – This takes a few extra steps but we feel that the special guests at your ceremony should also get a special card. These people might include grandparents, parents, and maybe the wedding party or other really close friends.

Avoid Using Pre-printed Cards – We know this might sound like a great idea, but these are no substitute for a hand-written thank you note. Pre-printed cards will save you a lot of effort and time, however they’re just not an acceptable option for thanking someone for a wedding gift.

It is, however, totally fine to use pre-printed thank you cards to give to your guests as they enter your ceremony on your big day.

Save on Postage with Postcards – A postcard is approximately half of what card postage is, so maybe going this route is the best one for you. Also, postcards can be fun and you can pick them up on your honeymoon. These are also perfect for writing short, personalized notes. You can have a lot of fun with postcards and even work on them while on your honeymoon if you have any downtime. That last part was a joke, we suggest that you wait until you get home to start this process.

If you’re finding it hard to get all of your thank you cards completed in a suitable time, make yourself a goal to accomplish a certain amount each day. Take them with you to work and do them on your lunch break, or carry a stack out with you when you go out to eat. Try to slide a few in each chance you get and you’ll have them all finished in no time at all.

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