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DIY Wedding Photo Book Tips

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Welcome back to our series on creating your own wedding photo book. In our last post, we talked about the differences between a photo album and photo book, discussed budgeting your time and money, and touched on the importance of choosing the right printing provider. Below you’re going to find even more tips that will help you create your own wedding photo book. If you have a great tip on making photo books, please let us know in the comments on our Facebook page. If you’re looking for the right Raleigh catering company for your wedding, call Catering by Design! We’re number one in the Triangle for a reason!

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Tips For Making A Lovely Wedding Photo Book

Wait For The Good Stuff

If you hired a wedding photographer, wait for their professional pictures. It will take a few weeks to get the shots, but be patient. It will be worth it for high quality images that will form the foundation of your photo book.

Choose Your Photo Book And Provider

Hopefully you’ve already chosen your type of photo book and vendor to print it. If you haven’t yet done this, now is the time. You’ll need to know how many pictures you’re going to need for the next phase of this process.

Select The Most Memorable Photos

Make sure you choose the pictures that you just couldn’t live without. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time, especially if you’re using 20 – 30 pictures. It could take up to 6 hours to pick out your most favorite images. Break the sorting process up into chunks. It’s easier to manage this way.

Now Tell Your Story

Think of your wedding photo book as your story, without words. Lay your photos out in chronological order so it has a good flow of your magical day. Mix black and white with color photos to add a dramatic effect. Don’t forget to include all the major players, photos of your guests, and lots of candid shots if you have room.

Finish With Fine Details

Don’t skip out on the fine details. Finish up your book in style by picking a nice leather wrap, dust jacket, or keepsake box. You can choose other options like nicer paper, memorabilia pockets, and more as well.

We hope these tips will help you create the best photo book for preserving your wedding day memories. For the best wedding catering options, keep reading to see why Catering By Design is the top choice for brides and grooms in the Triangle.

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