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Have a Valentine’s Day Wedding

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One of the best ways to have your wedding stand out from the rest is to have it on an already memorable date. That being said, you’ll probably want to skip major holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, but Valentine’s Day might be just the right date! You might think this sounds really cheesy but give us a chance to explain ourselves and give you a few reasons why we think it’s a great idea.

For one, it’s a date you’ll never forget. How can you with all the red hearts flying at you right after New Years’? You’ll be able to start planning your anniversary as soon as the candy hits the shelves. Plus, in most states February is a cold month and an offseason of sorts for wedding vendors. This will give you a chance to save money with discounted rates on lots of big ticket items. You might also have an easier time scheduling your number one venue choice.

Speaking of being cold in February, this gives you easy honeymoon options. Somewhere warm and tropical will be an easy choice out of the hundreds of destination points.

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We can also guarantee that all of your single and coupled up friends will have a great time. You’ll be throwing the best Valentine’s Day party ever because your single friends will not feel left out and loathsome and your coupled up friends will not have to worry about making complicated plans. Your wedding reception will be the backdrop for a Valentine’s Day party to remember where singles can mingle and couples dance the night away.

You can also find comfort in knowing that you’ll be able to find decorations everywhere. You’ll not have to worry about locating pretty shiny things for your wedding and reception venue. Along with the decorations, you’ll also have an easy time assembling the favors for your wedding guests. You can really get crafty with a DIY feel and take guests back to their elementary school days of candy and cards with homemade little trinket boxes. You can even get away with baking homemade heart shaped cookies, or giving your guests chocolate samplers, or even go for custom message candy hearts.

Since you’re having your wedding day on an unconventional date, stick with the theme and go all out with bright colors. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from the standard wedding colors and focus on something more fun and romantic.

Raleigh Caterers for Valentine’s Day Weddings

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