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My Most Useful Kitchen Tools

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As a food blogger for one of the best Raleigh catering companies, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m always trying out new recipes and kitchen gadgets. Besides cooking questions, I often get asked about my favorite and most useful kitchen tools. That got my gears turning so I thought my answers might make for a good blog post. Check out my list below. Are you searching for affordable Raleigh catering companies for an upcoming 2018 event? Call the professionals at Catering by Design right now. You’ll love our great prices, customer service, and affordable delivery options.

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The Most Useful Tools in My Kitchen

My Chef Knife

Having a superior chef knife in the kitchen just makes prepping a lot easier and more fun. I use the MAC MTH-80. However, you really don’t need a $150.00 chef knife, there are others on the market that are less expensive that should work just fine.

Cutting Boards

For starters, let me say that I have way too many cutting boards. But in my own defense, I constantly use many of them depending on what I’m prepping. I have smaller ones that can be folded, heavier ones for chopping and prepping meats, and medium sized ones as well.

Mandoline Slicer

It slices, minces, and juliennes! What more can you ask for? This tool really speeds up prepping time. Just remember, mandolines are dangerous and they can cut your fingers up pretty bad if you’re not careful.

Food Processor

I love my food processors to death. I own two food processors. A larger one for when I need more muscle and a smaller Magic Bullet for snacks and smaller dishes.

A Good Wooden Spoon and Spatula

All home cooks need to have at least one good wooden spoon and wooden spatula. They’re great because they won’t scratch the surface of your favorite pots and pans.


Using citrus zest in your meals is an easy way to really add lots of flavor to your meals and desserts. I use my zester all the time.

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