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Unique Wedding Ideas

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We thought you’d enjoy some unique wedding items that are available.

(Updated October 28, 2013)

Fingerprinted Wedding Rings

Custom finger print wedding rings

Brent & Joss offer finger printed wedding rings either with finger prints on the inside of the ring, or on the exterior.

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Pre-owned wedding dresses used to be quite controversial, especially, especially if the wedding ended in divorce or some other misfortune. With the early 21st century great recession in America, the resistance to pre-owned wedding dresses has perhaps lessened. (Funny that it doesn’t apply to Tuxedos.) See this site: Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses.

PreOwnedWedding Dresses


Perhaps if you buy a pre-owned wedding dress from a neutral third party, you don’t find out the history of the dress and then can avoid that whole discussion.

Unique Wedding Gifts on Etsy.com

Etsy is the well-known site for handmade products and gifts. Here you will find original and inventive gifts for weddings. This is just six of hundreds of unique wedding gift ideas.

Unique Wedding Gifts on Etsy-2

Unique Wedding Ideas on Pinterest

If you ask anyone where to go to find the best wedding ideas and inspiration, the answer now a days is Pinterest. That may well have been the first major topic that exploded on Pinterest, and it’s huge. In this screen shot of unique wedding ideas on Pinterest, you see superhero boutonniers for the male bridal party, an olive oil bar with bread and pink hearts with the words I Do in the bride’s shoes.Unique Wedding Ideas on Pinterest

Unique – Unconventional – Wedding Ideas

Moving from unique to “unconventional” wedding ideas… this list of 25 wedding ideas on by Peggy on BuzzFeed.com had some quite unusual ones, less appealing to some of us more conservative wedding go-ers, but here are three that many would appreciate. Wedit flip cams for guest use and professional editing by Wedit. Use of Jenga pieces for guests to leave a message for the bride and groom, and a wild idea for serve-yourself drinks through a water cooler.

Wedit Videography Jenga Guest Book Do it yourself Water Cooler Bar

Keeping it Interesting, Keeping it Affordable

Whatever your wedding vision may be, a backyard picnic and BBQ, or a Southern Pig Picking, a beach side ceremony and reception; a local park; or an elegant and fancy setting, Catering by Design can deliver whatever you have in mind. With or without a wedding planner, Catering By Design can give you affordable elegance with a budget you’re happy with and service that money can’t buy.

Call 919-481-2366 today and ask about Catering By Design’s full service catering. We can do it.