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Unique Seating Card Ideas for Weddings

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If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to set your wedding apart from all the others, a great way would be to use unique seating cards for your table arrangements. Not only will a cool seating chart help to keep your guests organized, they’re also great for showing off your creativity and incorporating your personality. You can even use your seating cards as take home gifts as well.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite seating card ideas that we found scouring Pinterest and the web in general.

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Sensational Seating Cards

Since the fall season is upon us in Raleigh, one of our favorite design elements incorporates oak leaves. First of all, these leaves are free and abundant, and they look great when you use a white sharpie to write the name of your guests and table number on one side of them. These leaves can be hung from rustic clothespins and twine, or glued to little trees and planted in a flower arrangement.

Another great idea for autumn weddings would be to use miniature pumpkins. These come in all different shapes and sizes and you can attach place cards using glue, a toothpick, or pushpins.

A winter alternative would be to use pinecones. Again, these are free and you can custom paint the tips to match your wedding colors. Stick your place cards in the top of them. A summer alternative to the idea above would be to use seashells that you find on the beach, especially if you’re having a beach theme.

Featured above is a neat idea that we saw at a recent wedding we catered. This idea really reflected the bride and groom as they were professional photographers themselves. Using the film canisters with little pieces of black construction paper gave the illusion that film was being exposed.

A great alternative to this idea, especially if you are a in a band, are a DJ, or professional musician would be to use old cassette tapes.

Other great ways to incorporate your own personality into your seating cards would be to use poker chips, or a deck of playing cards for the gambling couple, or you could use old keys, honey wands, or a variety of mason jars or old tea cups with the names and table numbers on the tea bags.

Be sure to keep checking our blog each week for more great tips on how to make your wedding more unique and exciting.

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