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The Ultimate Guide for the Father of the Bride

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So, your little girl is getting married. This can be an emotional time for the father of the bride. And even though dad might not get as much attention as the M.O.B, he’s still got lots of responsibilities to take care of. This can seem confusing and frustrating to the unprepared. So what’s a upcoming father of the bride to do?

The pros at Catering by Design have your back. We’re going to write a series of posts that will help you guys out. Think of this as your ultimate guide for what you need to know before your daughter’s wedding day. For the most affordable wedding catering Raleigh NC has to offer in 2017, look no further than Catering by Design. You’ll love our fresh food, awesome flavors, fantastic customer service, and great prices.

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The Ultimate Guide for the Father of the Bride

Money Plan and Budgeting

Traditionally, the parents of the bride are responsible for paying for the majority of the wedding expenses. The groom’s side will have their own set of responsibilities, however, you’ll need to be prepared to openly discuss how the wedding will be financed. In today’s world, it just doesn’t make much financial sense for many families to have one side of the wedding party handle the bulk of the expenses. That’s why you need to bring everyone together and figure out an applicable budget that everyone can agree upon.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to say “no” to requests that will blow up your budget. Just be sure to explain the reasons why and offer an alternative.

Don’t Say No to Everything

As we mentioned above, it’s okay to refuse to pay for things that might blow up your wedding budget. However, you cannot say no to everything. Understand that small details matter, and some things will likely be unnecessarily expensive. So you’ll need to lighten up a bit and loosen your belt some. It’s your daughter’s wedding and she’s probably been working hard to make sure her big day is everything she’s always dreamed of.

It’s OK to Be Emotional

Your daughter knows that you’re a tough guy, so you should understand that it’s perfectly fine to be emotional about your daughter getting married. It’s hard for all parents to let go of their children, and let them make their own way in life. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you get a little choked up.

Need even more tips? Don’t miss our next post for even more information on all of the things that the father of the bride should know. Still searching for wedding catering? Keep reading to see how we can help.

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